Kirsten Menger-Anderson





11:36 AM Kepler Bug #3392 (New): Need scrollbars in Documentation > Customize Documentation window
When a workflow has many parameters, the customize documentation screen does not generate a scroll bar so that people...


01:17 PM Kepler Bug #3388 (New): error running simihofi.xml workflow in Kepler 1.0.0
I get the following error when I first open the simihofi.xml workflow (though the workflow does run):
Error encoun...


09:59 AM Kepler Bug #3195: Check all documentation for 1.0 release
I've incorporated Chad's User Manual and GSG feedback and created new PDF files of the docs for the 1.0.0 release. Al...


03:15 PM Kepler Bug #3078: No documentation for the 'SSH to Execute' actor
I added docs to the MOML files for several SSH actors and made some modifications to existing docs to improve readabi...


10:42 AM Kepler Bug #3083: Need sample CommandLine workflows for Windows
I'm having trouble getting the CommandLine1 workflow to run on my PC/the latest nightly build (20081323). The workflo...


11:12 AM Kepler Bug #2834: Incorrect Actor Icons
A comment from a user about Model actor icons:
LinearModel actor icon does not have a horizontal arrow (as expected i...


08:37 AM Kepler Bug #2834: Incorrect Actor Icons
Another actor icon that needs to be changed is StatusChecker. It should have an ExecutionActor icon (blank teal backg...


05:14 PM Kepler Bug #2834 (Resolved): Incorrect Actor Icons
A couple actor icons that aren't correct:
MATLABExpression (this actor currently uses an arrow icon, but it should...


10:58 AM Kepler Bug #2830 (Resolved): Actor names to change/actors to remove from application
I'm opening a bug to keep track of notes about some actors that have come up as I've gone through the actor docs.


11:33 AM Kepler Bug #2828 (In Progress): Actor names inconsistent
Actor names and parameter names are currently inconsistently formatted. They should all be camel cap/no space (e.g., ...

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