Kevin Drury





04:48 PM Kepler Bug #3231 (New): 3-way table output (multiway cross tabulation actor?)
3-way tables are a useful extension of 2-way tables, which are a basic tool for exploring relationships in data. R h...
04:40 PM Kepler Bug #3230 (New): Matrix Viewer actor does not accept RExpression matrices
2-way tables are a common way to view relationships between bivariate data. The The RExpression actor is quite good ...
03:42 PM Kepler Bug #3226 (New): Eval: subplots from RExpression overly condensed
Using nightly build 14 Apr 08 under WinXP. The code below generates a publication-quality graphic when run from the ...


02:34 PM Kepler Bug #3223 (New): interactive graphics in R
Just fyi, the identify() function does not seem to work when called from the RExpression actor. (I'm using...
02:07 PM Kepler Bug #3222 (New): save new workflow template
This is a suggestion about usability, not a bug. It would be very nice to be able to save a workflow that...


03:02 PM Kepler Bug #3192: behavior of documentation actor
I may have found the reason for the loss of my documentation after the first view in Windows XP. When I right-click ...


04:38 PM Kepler Bug #3192 (New): behavior of documentation actor
Hello. The documentation actor will be an important component of workflows that outlive individual analyst's involve...


05:29 PM Kepler Bug #3187 (In Progress): RExpression actor does not share focus
It would be nice to be able to change the focus from an open RExpression actor to another Kepler window. Two cases t...
05:18 PM Kepler Bug #3186 (Resolved): commit RExpression code changes, but leave actor open
R-script development within an RExpression actor can get pretty tedious. For example, when you add a line of code a...
05:06 PM Kepler Bug #3185 (Resolved): Ctrl-z does not "undo" in RExpression actor
Ctrl-c (copy) and Ctrl-v (paste) work as expected in the RExpression actor. Is it possible to also make Ctrl-z (undo...

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