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04:48 PM Kepler Bug #3231 (New): 3-way table output (multiway cross tabulation actor?)
3-way tables are a useful extension of 2-way tables, which are a basic tool for exploring relationships in data. R h... Kevin Drury
04:40 PM Kepler Bug #3230 (New): Matrix Viewer actor does not accept RExpression matrices
2-way tables are a common way to view relationships between bivariate data. The The RExpression actor is quite good ... Kevin Drury
03:42 PM Kepler Bug #3226 (New): Eval: subplots from RExpression overly condensed
Using nightly build 14 Apr 08 under WinXP. The code below generates a publication-quality graphic when run from the ... Kevin Drury


02:34 PM Kepler Bug #3223 (New): interactive graphics in R
Just fyi, the identify() function does not seem to work when called from the RExpression actor. (I'm using...
Kevin Drury
02:07 PM Kepler Bug #3222 (New): save new workflow template
This is a suggestion about usability, not a bug. It would be very nice to be able to save a workflow that...
Kevin Drury


03:02 PM Kepler Bug #3192: behavior of documentation actor
I may have found the reason for the loss of my documentation after the first view in Windows XP. When I right-click ... Kevin Drury


04:38 PM Kepler Bug #3192 (New): behavior of documentation actor
Hello. The documentation actor will be an important component of workflows that outlive individual analyst's involve... Kevin Drury


05:29 PM Kepler Bug #3187 (In Progress): RExpression actor does not share focus
It would be nice to be able to change the focus from an open RExpression actor to another Kepler window. Two cases t... Kevin Drury
05:18 PM Kepler Bug #3186 (Resolved): commit RExpression code changes, but leave actor open
R-script development within an RExpression actor can get pretty tedious. For example, when you add a line of code a... Kevin Drury
05:06 PM Kepler Bug #3185 (Resolved): Ctrl-z does not "undo" in RExpression actor
Ctrl-c (copy) and Ctrl-v (paste) work as expected in the RExpression actor. Is it possible to also make Ctrl-z (undo... Kevin Drury

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