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ICONS: Tracking bug - Rearranging and regenerating icons

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Tracking bug - Rearranging and regenerating icons, per MB, MBJ and LLD conf calls

See Kepler Workflows with annotations - in CVS under kepelr/workflows/test/all-actors-displayed-part*.xml

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Updated by Matthew Brooke almost 18 years ago

here's the scoop on the icons:

"kepler-docs/dev/usability/graphics/graphics-inventory.xls" contains a summary of all the icon graphics so far. The remaining ones are being created by the MSI people. When they provide the full-sized GIFs of the icons, these go in "kepler-docs/dev/usability/graphics/gifs/" for laura's use in presentations, mockups etc.

All the SVG icons that have been produced are in "kepler/lib/images/svg", and the raster thumbnail icons are in "kepler/lib/images/actorthumbs".

All the Illustrator versions of these to date are in the cvs directory "kepler-docs/dev/usability/graphics/ai/", and there are some photoshop files for other icons in "kepler-docs/dev/usability/graphics/orig_raster/"


1) when new SVG icons are created by the MSI graphics people, they should be stripped of all the unnecessary Adobe markup before checking into CVS. This is done by saving them to a temporary directory somewhere, and copying the script: "kepler-docs/dev/usability/graphics/" to that same temp directory and running it. When it's done, there will be a bunch of files called ORIG_*.svg - these are backups of the originals - and a bunch of files called *.svg, which are the svelte new reduced-fat files. The latter can be copied to kepler/lib/images/svg/ and checked into cvs

2) When SVGs and their corresponding GIFs are received from the MSI people, it is very important that the following points be checked (in addition to the visual appearance):

a) Make sure the svg is called <name>.svg for atomic actors, or <name>-c.svg for composites. Make sure the thumbnails are called <name>-sm.gif for atomic actors, or <name>-c-sm.gif for composites

b) make sure we don't already have the same icon by a different name in CVS

c) NEVER use only differences in case to differentiate between icons (this gets us into trouble on Mac/Win, where the case differences are ignored by the filesystem. Ask me how I know...). Make the names substantially different.

d) is an addendum to (c) - ensure that for any SVG/gif pair (e.g. "<name>.svg" & "<name>-sm.gif"), the "<name>" part of the filename is EXACTLY the same before checking in - no case differences!

3) to assign an icon to an actor by classname, add the mapping to:


(full instructions in the comments at the beginning of that file), or to map icons by LSID, add mappings to:


(also has full instructions).

Note that moml actors must be mapped by LSID; only java classes can be mapped by classname

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