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From 06/26/2008 to 07/25/2008


12:38 PM Morpho Bug #3454: Fixing docid conflicts in metacat or local file
I did some testing on the changes that Jing added to Morpho to help with id collisions.
I think we are still having...
Callie Bowdish
12:33 PM Morpho Bug #1707: create profile wizard needs more documentation
I think this should be reviewed and decided after testing if bug 3454 is under consideration. Currently the use of di... Callie Bowdish
11:28 AM Metacat Bug #3460 (New): remove lsid section from citation section of xsl for skins OTHER than ESA
Currently only the ESA domain is set up to work with lsid. We need to delete the lsid section from the stylesheets th... Callie Bowdish


09:33 AM Morpho Bug #3454: Fixing docid conflicts in metacat or local file
Perhaps the priority needs to be fixing the conflict problem, yet I think that adding the text to the profile install... Callie Bowdish


03:51 PM Morpho Bug #3454 (Resolved): Fixing docid conflicts in metacat or local file
Having Morpho profiles information loaded on different computers can cause file conflicts. One way to prevent this is... Callie Bowdish


02:31 PM Morpho Bug #2529: Add Morpho Version/Date info to KNB website
This one is similar to bug 2980. Callie Bowdish
02:21 PM Morpho Bug #2360: Document Identifier Conflict Resolution
My understanding is that previous versions of Morpho handle document conflicts. Judith worked with a previous version... Callie Bowdish


11:46 AM Metacat Bug #3113: Metacat performance: saves from mopho are slow
The latest update fixed this. A posgresql configuration change for the new version of posgresql fixed the problem Callie Bowdish
11:37 AM Morpho Bug #3358: Correcting invalid eml 201 document downloaded from metacat 1.8.0
this fix has been tested and works Callie Bowdish


03:51 PM Metacat Bug #3435 (New): Confusion on how Metcat searches a string which is differnet than Google
Some users expect Metacat searches to work like Google. Google works as if there is a boolean "and" between each wor... Callie Bowdish

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