Bug #116


metadata extraction for text files

Added by Matt Jones almost 24 years ago. Updated over 22 years ago.

morpho - dsp
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Need data set parser module integrated as a new componenet of dmanclient. This
parser would take an ASCII data file as input and parse it to determine its
structure, and then output an XML document (initially compatible with eml-file
and eml-variable) that would be openened in the metadata editor for review and
revision by the scientist.

Actions #1

Updated by Matt Jones over 23 years ago

The outputs should be for the new EML 2 proposed metadata standard. Rudolf has
agreed to take the first pass at this module.

Actions #2

Updated by Matt Jones about 23 years ago

Changed milestone for a number of morpho features that will not be able to be
completed by Beta 1 (ESA). Delaying these features to Beta 2.

Actions #3

Updated by Dan Higgins over 22 years ago

Text-based data set parser has been integrated into Morpho

Actions #4

Updated by Matt Jones over 22 years ago

Need to improve the UI for the Text Import wizard so that it is more obvious to
users how to add a data file. possibly use a radio button to indicate whether or
not to parse the file and extract metadata, and whether or not to include the
data file itself in the package.

If the user chooses to parse the file, the next screens in the wizard shuold
already know which file to parse for md extraction.

Actions #5

Updated by Matt Jones over 22 years ago

It follows from my last comments that, because the wizard knows which file is
being extracted, there is no need for the menus and buttons in the current
interface. Also, as one is proceeding through the wizard, we currently 'detect'
that the entity and attribute metadata has been extracted and so need not be
hand entered -- instead, we should just skip those wizard screens.

Actions #6

Updated by Matt Jones over 22 years ago

Note also that the wizard screen that allows you to set the attribute name and
type doesn't format well when running under linux. In particular, the
textfields are not tall enough to fit the font size used.

Actions #7

Updated by Chad Berkley over 22 years ago

The heart of this bug is fixed, but the layout and look and feel still need work. I will open a new bug with a different milestone that deals with the layout issues.

Actions #8

Updated by Redmine Admin over 11 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 116


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