From 09/16/2001 to 10/15/2001


04:54 PM Bug #255: Migrate to EML 2 beta DTDs for all Morpho uses
Morpho now uses eml2.0 beta dtds. User can add new eml-modules to a data set
from the dataPackage editor or add exisi...
Dan Higgins
04:48 PM Bug #296 (Resolved): HTML help files need to be upgraded
HTML help that was created for earlier Morpho release needs to be reviewed and
upgraded to reflect recent changes an...
Dan Higgins
04:46 PM Bug #206: need help system for morpho
Morpho now has a "Help" item in the Help menu that open a local browser which
displays the HTML help.
Dan Higgins
04:44 PM Bug #116: metadata extraction for text files
Text-based data set parser has been integrated into Morpho Dan Higgins
04:37 PM Bug #254: Look up id sequence on morpho startup
Morpho now uses the Metacat capability to return the maxID for a user
(action=getlastid with username) and set the us...
Dan Higgins


02:07 PM Bug #295: unable to create new eml-project documents
It turns out that the machine does NOT 'lock up' when creating a new eml-project
document, but rather takes ~ 5 minut...
Dan Higgins
09:03 AM Bug #295 (Resolved): unable to create new eml-project documents
For some unknown reason, an attempt to create new eml-project documents
apparently 'locks up' the Morpho editor. Tho...
Dan Higgins
08:50 AM Bug #294: need ability to add existing metadata to package
Capability to add metadata added to '' Dan Higgins


09:46 AM Bug #294 (Resolved): need ability to add existing metadata to package
Currently, new metadata and data can be added to packages, but existing metadata
(i.e. EML created outside Morpho) c...
Dan Higgins


12:26 PM Bug #292: error about 'missing_value_code' element
Problem with labeling in the attribute.xml file in lib/frames.
'missing_value_code' was changed to 'MissingValueCode'...
Dan Higgins
12:23 PM Bug #292 (Resolved): error about 'missing_value_code' element
Attempt to insert a new datapackage gives an error about 'missing_value_code' Dan Higgins
09:33 AM Bug #290: certain datasets are not displayed correctly
Better error checking for null nodes added Dan Higgins
09:30 AM Bug #290 (Resolved): certain datasets are not displayed correctly
Certain datasets (e.g. new nrs datasets) cause error when an attempt is made to
display the dataset in Morpho. Error...
Dan Higgins


09:10 AM Bug #289 (Resolved): Problem with Morpho handling DTD entity declarations
DTD parser and ArborText catalog system do no handle entity declarations inside
DTDs correctly. Currently, fully exp...
Dan Higgins
09:07 AM Bug #288 (Resolved): Need activity indication when awaiting response from Metacat
Some Metacat requests take noticable amounts of time. There needs to be some
indication of activity while waiting fo...
Dan Higgins


10:50 AM Bug #260: acl handling for packages needs to be updated
I am going to hold off on this bug until after we decide what our different
relationships should be. The problem is,...
Chad Berkley


01:41 PM Bug #281 (Resolved): connection and other errors on Solaris
I get the following error when running the website 1.0.0beta1 version of Morpho
on a SunOS 5.5.1. The error occurs...
don sutton
10:07 AM Bug #262: make text fields editable in pop-up text editor
Editing has been improved in other ways, with configurable components. This bug
no longer needed.
Matt Jones

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