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add 'formatted printed output' for datapackage metadata

Added by Dan Higgins almost 19 years ago. Updated over 18 years ago.

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Comment from Sandy Andelman -
Formatting metadata output for printing. Again, based on our experience, most
ecologists want to be able to print out the metadata they have entered in an
easily readable format. I don't think it is sufficient to be able to view it on
the screen. Right now one can print out metadata, but not in a format that is

printedOutputExample.html (29.6 KB) printedOutputExample.html Dan Higgins, 10/16/2003 01:27 PM
knb.css (5.56 KB) knb.css Dan Higgins, 10/16/2003 01:32 PM

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Is duplicate of Morpho - Bug #1215: Adding a Print menu option in MorphoResolved11/20/2003


#3 Updated by Dan Higgins almost 19 years ago

Creating an html output file is easy. Basically this is the same as our current
export function with an eml2 transformation. Actually PRINTING the html is a bit
more complicated. Can we use a browser? (or do we want Morpho itself to do the

#4 Updated by Matt Jones almost 19 years ago

We want Morpho itself to do the printing. This may not be feasible under our
time constraints, but it would be nice if we could swing it (as its one of
Sandy's big 3). At a minimum we need the export file to be nicely printable in
the beta1 release. Maybe a beta2 release could add the printing support. I
looked into printing in Java, and it doesn't look too had if you already have it
rendering in a Graphics (or Graphics 2D) context. As Matthew's metaviewer code
already does this (XML->HTML->Canvas), maybe some part of it could be modified
to provide the printable canvas? I got my printing info from:

#5 Updated by Matt Jones over 18 years ago

  • Bug 1215 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

#6 Updated by Perumal Sambasivam over 18 years ago

Printing feature added to Morpho.

#7 Updated by Redmine Admin over 9 years ago

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