Bug #1472


Morpho buttons show up without borders in certain cases.

Added by Saurabh Garg over 19 years ago. Updated almost 16 years ago.

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Morpho buttons like the login button on the main screen or buttons on the tool
bar don't show up sometimes. This problem is experienced by Jing most of the
time. I think Matt also reported this for his Linux box. Andrea never noticed
it but thats also the case in the screenshots taken for Morpho documentation.

To reproduce the problem on a Win XP box - set the desktop theme to the default
XP theme. Now run Morpho and you should be able to see the problem. I am not
sure how to reproduce the problem on Linux - but desktop theme should be the
culprit in that case also.

So there might be some system calls made in the way borders are drawn for these
buttons. And the color scheme returned for borders might be resulting in
invisible borders.

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Updated by Matt Jones over 19 years ago

The issue I see on linux is that buttons that are disabled show up without text
inside the button, and the border of the button is grey.

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Updated by Dan Higgins over 19 years ago

The Windows problem is only that the button outline does not show up. Button
text shows up Ok so this has only minor effect on usability.

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Updated by Callie Bowdish almost 16 years ago

On Windows OS and Linux OS the Morpho Welcome Screen does not show the login as a button. Only the text shows. Also the hide X and edit buttons do not have enough contrast to be easily read on the Windows version of Mac

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Updated by Redmine Admin over 10 years ago

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