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creating KAR file loses port semantic annotations

Added by Matt Jones over 18 years ago. Updated about 18 years ago.

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I created an R actor on the canvas, annotated it and its ports with terms from
the ontologies, and then saved the actor as a KAR file. When I drag the new
actor from the tree to the canvas, the clone that is put on the canvas lacks its
port annotations. Looking in .kepler/actorLibrary, the library file is missing
the annotaitons for the port as well. Both the actorLibrary and the cloned
copies should have all all of the original annotations.

This was tested against the Kepler CVS HEAD on 19 October 2005 ~ 2pm.

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Updated by Matt Jones over 18 years ago

THis probably involves cloning more than just annotaitons -- need to verify that
the clone in both directions puts all of the needed components into the MoML
model (when creating KAR file, when registering in library, and when cloning
from library to the canvas).

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Updated by Chad Berkley over 18 years ago

this won't be fixed until alpha 9.

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Updated by Chad Berkley about 18 years ago

One reason this is messed up is that the Semantic Type Editor (STE) creates
properties with the naming scheme "semTypeX" where X is a number. The agreed
upon name for this property was "semanticTypeX" where X is a number. The STE
also seems to take control of any of the org.kepler.sms.SemanticType attributes
and change their names, which breaks the kar ingestion system. The STE needs to
be cured of its derelict activities and needs to learn to play nice with the kar
system :)

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Updated by Shawn Bowers about 18 years ago

I disagree. The responsibility should be on the kar ingestion system (kis) to
take a broader view and detach itself from a fixation on naming conventions and
move to the more definitive notion of the class (e.g.,
org.kepler.sms.SemanticType) ;-) Note that in MoML, one can edit the xml files
by hand, and thus, we want to be careful about relying on property naming
conventions, which is generally less robust (more brittle). Note also that one
will never find a semantic type property without the associated class name.

Actions #5

Updated by Chad Berkley about 18 years ago

Another reason this doesn't work is that the KAR creation code seems to find all
semanticType attributes and change the value of all of them to the same thing.
seems the kar code needs to learn to play nice too.

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Updated by Chad Berkley about 18 years ago

Semantic Annotations are no longer lost when creating kar files. This issue is

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Updated by Redmine Admin about 11 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 2234


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