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DIALOGS: Implement New Workflow Dialog

Added by Matthew Brooke over 18 years ago. Updated about 15 years ago.

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Implement New Workflow Dialog, per Laura's design. See:

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Blocked by Kepler - Bug #2247: TRACKING: Popup Dialog ChangesIn ProgressMatthew Brooke11/04/2005

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Updated by Matthew Brooke about 18 years ago

not sure what's happening with regard to design of Workflow dialog - discussions
at feb 06 kepler dev meeting in davis implied there may be a change (there was
some contention that a workflow is actually a composite actor, and vice-versa -
so the concept of changing composte actor terminology to sub-workflows" was

What was the outcome, if any?

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Updated by Matthew Brooke about 18 years ago

SUMMARY: we are having a common configure dialog for workflow/sub-workflow and
actor with the same set of tabs. (see below)

copied from:

Some discussion at Feb kepler-dev meeting about dividing things distinctly into
workflow, actor and director objects since all of them have parameters. Some see
workflow and actor as very similar since a composite actor is both a workflow
and an actor and both have parameters, ports etc. So there was one suggestion to
have just a director dialog and another workflow/actor dialog with either greyed
out tabs that didn't apply or different sets of tabs depending on what object
user has selected. or it might be the case that all tabs are present and some
are blank if a workflow happens not to have any ports for example. The issue
here is that conceptually we talk about workflows, directors and actors as
different objects in the documentation even though a composite actor can also be
a workflow but is also an actor. So whatever changes we make, the documentation
will need to reflect that. A workflow is what is referenced in the documentation
as the thing with the filename that you open. So when that was brought up, it
was decided that we would use the terminology conceptually of workflow (the file
name), and that composite actors would now be called sub-workflows and they are
collections of actors.

This shift will allow us to have a configure dialog for the director and a
common configure dialog for workflow/sub-workflow and actor with the same set of
tabs. If a tab is not needed for a particular object (e.g., Notes tab for
actor), it will be disabled or not shown (decision pending).
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