Bug #2414

Opening a preexisting model should open in a blank viewer

Added by Christopher Brooks over 16 years ago. Updated over 13 years ago.

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In "add welcome screen for release 1.0" at

Matthew wrote:

Now this has been added, here is a very common use case, which seems incorrect
(reported by Kevin):

1) User starts kepler - gets blank graph frame, with new welcome screen in front

2) User dismisses welcome screen, and is left with blank graph frame

3) User then does "File->Open" and opens an existing workflow

4) The workflow then opens in a new graph frame, leaving the original, empty
graph frame on the screen.

Proposed resolution:

BEST: at startup, if user does the above, then the workflow gets opened in the
existing blank graph frame. Subsequently-opened workflows open up in new
graph frames, as before

INTERIM: if we don't have time to implement the above for this release, then
check to see if we are in the above use-case, and if so, close the blank graph
frame after the first workflow has been opened

Any other thoughts/comments/ideas?

I wrote:

Probably File Open should be smart enough to realize that the current window
is mostly blank and a candidate for replacement. I'm not sure if
this will be very easy. For example, when one does File -> Save As, and
uses a new name, a new window appears. We need to handle "Unnamed" models
specially. I can take a look at this at some point, but probably not before
early March.

I won't have time before Kepler 1.0, so I'm opening this as a separate
enhancement. This new bug has to do with the blank or Unnamed models,
has to do with the welcome window.


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