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FSM & Modal Model Menu selections do not work

Added by Dan Higgins almost 18 years ago. Updated about 15 years ago.

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Under File/New/ the FSM and Modal Modal options do not work. Capability of creating Finite State Models and Modal models is not there! Need to create some examples of state machines for ecological analysis and add appropriate actors when these menu selections are made.

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Updated by Chad Berkley about 16 years ago

moving to post 1.0

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Updated by Christopher Brooks about 16 years ago

File | New Workflow | FSM Model
File | New Workflow | Modal Model

both work for me.

I'm marking this as fixed, though there is a separate RFE
that is to add FSM examples, see bug #3204.

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Updated by Matt Jones about 16 years ago

Actually, the problem was not with the menu item itself -- the problem is that when you create an FSM model, the actors and attributes in the library do not include the FSM components needed to build FSM models. In ptolemy, switching to an FSM model loads a different actor library, which is no longer the case in Kepler. So, I am re-opening this bug until users have the ability to drag and drop the FSM components onto the canvas from the library. We may also want to restrict the library to only show FSM components in this context, but this may be difficult as the library may be a singleton of sorts.

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Updated by Christopher Brooks about 16 years ago

In Ptolemy, a State does appear in the left hand palette.
This state is not present in Kepler.

However, in both Ptolemy and Kepler, toolbar does include an
icon to create a State.

Kepler can be used to create FSM models and modal models.

There is a bug that the left hand palette in Kepler should probably
only show things that can be dragged into the FSM or modal model.

There is another bug that the annotation is not properly rendered -
the text is not split properly. This is common with all annotations
in Ptolemy models that are displayed in Kepler.

Neither issue prevents FSMs from being shipped (bug #3201).

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Updated by Matt Jones about 16 years ago

I hadn't realized about the State button being on the toolbar. So it seems that we can successfully create an FSM. So maybe we should indeed close this bug, and start a new RFE for the library to show just the State and documentation attributes when editing an FSM. But that isn't technically required.

We should also start another RFE to add the FSM to the Kepler User Manual.

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Updated by Redmine Admin about 11 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 2509


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