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pubDate is not created for citation use when a Morpho Dataset is submitted

Added by Callie Bowdish almost 15 years ago. Updated over 12 years ago.

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Citations for datasets uploaded by Morpho do not have a pubDate so the date part of the citation is missing for these dataset submissions. I think we need to have a submission date included. The online forms for knb, obfs, nceas, esa and I believe sanparks all automatically create a pubDate when the form is submitted.

Currently only esa has a complete citation with the lsid information and name of the server included. I have an update for the other skins but I am uncertain about what needs to happen regarding the lsid (Life science id"authority").


submitted through the online form
on production server:
Harmon M. 2007. Analysis of long-term litter decomposition experiments. nceas.328.26

inserted by Morpho
on production server:
Harmon M. . Mass loss datafile and Nitrogen concentration data. bowdish.154.6

With citation changes on test server, inserted from Morpho:
Lafferty K. . Symmetrical web of Carpinteria Salt Marsh TEST. KNB Data Registry: (

Note that the default skin will not incorporate the citation information because it can be used by organizations or individuals working with their own version of Metacat and their server information is unknown. Also they most likely do not have a lsid.


#1 Updated by Callie Bowdish over 14 years ago

Another example is that when you update a data set to a new version the citation keeps the original date (year) if you use Morpho to update.

#2 Updated by Jing Tao about 14 years ago

move to 1.7

#3 Updated by Matt Jones almost 14 years ago

Jing -- any chance this fix could make it into 1.6.2? It would be a big gain if the profile organization list were updated when the Profile wizard is first opened in Morpho. Some folks at the OSUSB lab are having trouble with this.

#4 Updated by Matt Jones almost 14 years ago

Oops, wrong bu -- I meant this for bug # 3243, not this one.

#5 Updated by Jing Tao about 13 years ago

move to 1.7.1

#6 Updated by ben leinfelder almost 13 years ago

would this mean "editing" the EML doc just before upload?

#7 Updated by Redmine Admin over 9 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 2980

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