From 03/06/2008 to 04/04/2008


11:52 AM Bug #2980: pubDate is not created for citation use when a Morpho Dataset is submitted
Another example is that when you update a data set to a new version the citation keeps the original date (year) if yo... Callie Bowdish


02:49 PM Bug #388: Column Definition field header in wrong place
This is not a problem on the current version of Morpho. Callie Bowdish


09:47 AM Bug #3190 (Resolved): profile names with spaces and special characters are a problem
Morpho and the online account creation tool allows users to create a profile name with special characters or spaces. ... Callie Bowdish


11:55 AM Bug #2957: Other entity does not display other entity Description
Morpho currently does not display the otherEntity elements that it holds common with dataTable. Elements such as the ... Callie Bowdish
11:48 AM Bug #2957: Other entity does not display other entity Description
The otherEntity element contains most of the same elements as the dataTable element. For some reason the numberOfReco... Callie Bowdish


04:08 PM Bug #2502: Should be able to enter missingValueCode elements to dp
I think we need to have a recommended practice for dealing with missing values in data sets. Currently the missingVal... Callie Bowdish


03:47 PM Bug #3171 (New): Morpho install in Vista does not create a viewable sterr.log file
I installed morpho-1.6.1-jre on Windows Vista. This requires changing the properties with Compatibility mode set to W... Callie Bowdish
10:33 AM Bug #1987: Provide ability to paste in mathematical formulas (allow special characters)
I tested a bug fix for character set problems and one of the tests was for the ability to use special characters.
Callie Bowdish
09:23 AM Bug #1820: Smart quotes displayed improperly
Jing fixed this bug which is similar to bug 2517. I Tested it both using the online form and Morpho, submitting data ... Callie Bowdish

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