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[RFE] folder views to organize data packages

Added by Matt Jones over 22 years ago. Updated over 21 years ago.

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Feature request from Christy Bowles for a way to organize data packages in
Morpho into folders.

Additional thoughts by me about how this could work:
The current results window shows a seemingly unordered list of data packages.
As one accumulates data packages, this can get quite unruly. This RFE includes
several possible suggested improvements:

1) There is a need for a mechanism to organize data packages into virtual
folders that show up in the results window. These collections of data packages
are no more than a way of aggregating similar packages together visually, and it
does not imply anything about how the packages are stored on disk. One could
imaging for a user interface a tree-table with expandable folder icons on the
left that expand into lists of data packages. The user could drag packages from
one folder to another to organize their packages and morpho would rmember the
folder contents.

2) Note that some ways of organizing packages into folders could be automatic,
such as grouping all of the packages by originator (which brings up the issue,
could the same package appear in mutiple folders if there are multiple
originators?). This would imply an ability to switch among several 'folder
views', which might be custom user-generated groupings or automatically
generated groupings.

3) Both with or without the above folders feature, need to be able to sort on
the metadata fields that are the column headers of the table.

Although these would be nice features, they will have to wait for at least the
1.1 release of morpho.

Related issues

Blocks Morpho - Bug #533: new File|Open to accomodate new UI designResolvedJing Tao06/13/2002

Actions #1

Updated by Matt Jones almost 22 years ago

Note that this request takes ona slightly different flavor when we incorporate
the new File|Open feature from bug 533. Now, the resultset will be displayed in
a dialog box when using "File|Open" and in a window when it is the result fo a
search. We might want to consider having a query that ocntains a list of ids to
retrieve and group into folders -- sort of a container for users to drag and
drop data packages that they want to save for their own use. We need to discuss
this design further, create some screen shots to discuss, and modify the UML
model before proceeding with the implementation.

Actions #2

Updated by Jing Tao almost 22 years ago

Just now I played with page. It will
send a query:

SELECT docid,docname,doctype,date_created, date_updated, rev FROM
xml_documents WHERE docid IN ((SELECT DISTINCT docid FROM xml_nodes WHERE
UPPER LIKE '%%%' ))

to metacat in knb and get a doclist. The total time is 56 seconds ( measured
by my watch) to get the doc list page.

But in sqlplus, I typed the query and it took 7.91 seconds to get the

So from this point, query time is only small part of time consuming.

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Updated by Jing Tao almost 22 years ago

Ignore the above part. I made a mistake and it is not for this bug.

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