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need visual indicator of login and network status

Added by Matt Jones about 22 years ago. Updated over 21 years ago.

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When morpho has network access to metacat, a user can be logged in or not. If
they are logged in, they have the access rights of their user account when
accessing metacat. When not logged in, they have "public" rights. Need a
visual indicator of the current login status. Also need a visual indicator of
the network status (true if can reach metacat, false otherwise).

Actions #1

Updated by Matt Jones over 21 years ago

Also need indicator of whether or not the connection to metacat is using ssl or

These should probably be off in a small status bar somewhere. The netscape
icons are a good model.

Actions #2

Updated by Matthew Brooke over 21 years ago

Created new StatusBar class and integrated into ClientFramework.

Shows status of network/metacat connection, login status, and SSL status, as 3
icons. Has a text message area to show additional status messages.

Class is actually a singleton - always returns the same shared instance - in
case we ultimately decide to repeat the same status bar in other screens
within morpho (for example, if you're editing a package, you need to know if
you're connected or not so you can see where your edits will be saved)

Also made changes to do the following:

(1) created a thread that polls metacat with a specified time period
(currently 5 seconds - should it be longer??), to determine whether a network
connection/metacat database is available. If not, status bar is updated, and
user is not allowed to attempt to login to metacat (can't open login

(2) If network connection is lost during a session, results/package screen is
refreshed to show only local packages, since user no longer has access to
metacat packages."

STILL TO DO: (not critical)

a) - If text in text area JLabel is very long, it "pushes" the icons off the
visible area of the screen. Same happens if screen is resized smaller. Need
to either allow JLabel to resize smaller than lenght of text, or truncate part
of text so it doesn't force JLabel to be too wide

b) icons are just "quick & dirty" creations for testing. Need some feedback
on how to change them.

Actions #3

Updated by Matthew Brooke over 21 years ago

corrected item 2.a, above ("JLabel [...] "pushes" the icons off the
visible area of the screen"), and also reduced time-out for tooltips, since
they were previously being displayed for too long and were obscuring the other

Now only outstanding semi-issue is icon redesign

Actions #4

Updated by Matthew Brooke over 21 years ago

Icon enhancement re-located to its own bug # (see Bug #511), since the
original intent of this bug (#358) has been fulfilled.

Actions #5

Updated by Redmine Admin over 10 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 358


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