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create engineering view model type

Added by Daniel Crawl almost 14 years ago. Updated almost 13 years ago.

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The engineering view is a separate tool from the normal workflow editor. Add the engineering view to File -> New submenu, and when selected it should open a new window showing the engineering view tabs. The actor tree should only contain components (actors and annotations) specific to engineering view. A second part of this bug is to develop the ontology for those components.

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Actions #1

Updated by Ilkay Altintas almost 14 years ago

We need a definition and distinctionof what scientific workflow vs. engineer workflow is. This could also be thought of at the actor level. Sam definition is needed to distinguish between engineering view and scientist's view.

What kinds of workflows run under what kind of views with what kind of actors and directors?

Actions #2

Updated by Ilkay Altintas almost 14 years ago

As a start:
1. Does an engineering workflow only produce commands to control, etc. the sensors? Using what actor and director, if so...
2. Create site is the documented design of the sensor deployment site, but can I right-click and open related engineering workflows? And vice versa... can I go from regular Kepler to engineering view?

Actions #3

Updated by Daniel Crawl over 13 years ago

An alternative to putting the engineering view under the File -> New submenu, is to make it a separate view pane. There would be four view panes: the normal Workflow Editor, Report Designer, Sensor Site, and Workflow Scheduler. (Sensor Site provides the engineering view canvas).

However, this means there are two unrelated canvases per window. Also, what does File -> Save do?

Actions #4

Updated by Sean Riddle over 13 years ago

Library filtering based on model is done. I want to look into making slight GUI changes to visually differentiate an engineering view model from a normal Kepler model. Also, I want to make the workspace tabs and upper-right drop-down contents depend on the model type. For a normal Kepler model, those contents would be the same as if one were running the reporting suite.

Actions #5

Updated by Daniel Crawl about 13 years ago

When I start Kepler with the sensor-view at the top of modules.txt, the UI looks the same. It's not until I open a workflow that I see the new model type (white instead of gray background around the buttons and tabs).

How does one add components to the new model type? Currently it's empty. It'd be nice if I could specify in a configuration file the semantic types or actor/parameter class names I want to include, e.g.:




I'd prefer not to have to change the metadata in every actor's KAR file that I want to include in the model type.

It looks like the config files are in:


To be consistent with other modules using MoML config files, it should be:


Actions #6

Updated by Sean Riddle about 13 years ago

I've changed around the way to make components visible. There are two attributes defined in _filterModule and _filterRelativePath. These are StringAttributes that contain the name of a module and the relative path from that module to a text file containing actor references. In EVTableau this references resources/library_filter.txt in the sensor-view module. This file will contain actor classnames or LSIDs, one per line, with blank lines ignored. The default library_filter.txt shows the StringConstant and Constant actors. These final changes were committed in trunk in r26376-9.

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Updated by Derik Barseghian almost 13 years ago

changing bugs from REAP to Kepler product

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Updated by Redmine Admin over 10 years ago

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