Bug #4916

Save Archive gives an error

Added by Derik Barseghian over 12 years ago. Updated about 12 years ago.

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File => Save Archive works on the 2.0 branch, but on trunk I'm getting an error (both in wrp and kepler suites):

ptolemy.kernel.util.IllegalActionException: Cannot find class: bleh
-- /Users/derik/dev2/kepler.modules.wrp/wrp/bleh.xml (No such file or directory)
-- XML file not found relative to classpath.
-- /Users/derik/dev2/kepler.modules.wrp/wrp/bleh.xml
/Users/derik/dev2/kepler.modules.wrp/wrp/bleh.xml (No such file or directory)
in file:/Users/derik/dev2/kepler.modules.wrp/wrp/ at line 1 and column 61
at ptolemy.moml.MoMLParser._createEntity(
at ptolemy.moml.MoMLParser.startElement(
at com.microstar.xml.XmlParser.parseElement(
at com.microstar.xml.XmlParser.parseDocument(
at com.microstar.xml.XmlParser.doParse(
at com.microstar.xml.XmlParser.parse(
at ptolemy.moml.MoMLParser.parse(
at ptolemy.moml.MoMLParser.parse(
at ptolemy.moml.MoMLParser.parse(
at org.kepler.objectmanager.ActorMetadata.lookForMoml(

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#1 Updated by Sean Riddle over 12 years ago

I just started getting this as well. It results in an inability to instantiate composites returned from remote repositories.

#2 Updated by Derik Barseghian over 12 years ago

I'll take a look...looks like the error is coming out of the call to parser.reset() in ActorMetadata lookForMoml

#3 Updated by Derik Barseghian over 12 years ago

After r23539 this is now a problem in 2.0 as well. Retargeting.

I'm guessing the r23539 (2.0) changes to ActorMetadata are the same as those in r 23499, which was a cleanup/refactor. Aaron, is this refactor necessary for 2.0?

Correction to comment#2: error's coming out of parser.parse call in lookForMoml, not parser.reset.

#4 Updated by Derik Barseghian over 12 years ago

Aaron thinks this may be tied into work on ActorMetadata necessary for bug#4767. Reassigned to him.

#5 Updated by Aaron Aaron about 12 years ago

I tried rolling back the refactor of ActorMetadata and was still getting this error, must be something else...

#6 Updated by Aaron Aaron about 12 years ago

oops, sorry it was the refactor, I had parameters to a new function backwards. It's good now.

#7 Updated by Redmine Admin over 9 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 4916

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