From 11/12/2001 to 12/11/2001


10:43 PM Bug #373 (Resolved): Incorrect Citation reference (citeinfo) in eml-coverage, temporalCov and taxonomicCov
The geolcit, classcit, and idref elements in eml-coverage.xsd use a complex type
consisting of one element reference...
Chris Jones


10:28 PM Bug #174: attribute, constraint, entity, distribution
Moved fields from eml-distribution into eml-resource and completely removed the
eml-distribution modules. eml-physic...
Matt Jones
09:08 PM Bug #266: revise attribute domain
Completed as the extended proposal describes, including the internal structure
for textDomain that allows a definitio...
Matt Jones
03:09 PM Bug #266: revise attribute domain
Here's a proposal for this issue with EML attributeDomain:
add a new element to "attributeDomain" called "textDomain...
Matt Jones
06:58 PM Bug #265: taxonomic coverage limited to one kingdom
Changed so that multiple top level taxoncl elements are now allowed (1 to n).
This breaks compatibility with NBII bu...
Matt Jones
02:30 PM Bug #319: eml-attribute - enumerated domain repeatable?
Enumerated domain is repeatable. Select the "enumeratedDomain" tag, right click
on the element name, and select "Dup...
Matt Jones


11:00 AM Bug #365: Eml documentation for Seminars & LTER sites
This is closely related to the work that Eric is doing for the seminars. It is not intended to be an
complete docume...
David Blankman
10:07 AM Bug #365: Eml documentation for Seminars & LTER sites
Please clarify how this relates to bug #338, which is intended to provide
specific documentation for each eml field. ...
Matt Jones
09:54 AM Bug #365 (In Progress): Eml documentation for Seminars & LTER sites
This will be an overview of EML and its relationship to Morpho. It will also be practical guide for
users to unders...
David Blankman


04:37 PM Bug #336: need formal defs for responsible party roles
This should be done with the rest of the EML documentation review as found in
bug # 338.
Matt Jones
03:53 PM Bug #338: need coverage documentation, review all documentation
Also review the rest of the module for completeness and understandibility. Matt Jones


06:41 PM Bug #339 (Resolved): bounding box vs point data in eml-coverage
The current eml-coverage requires a bounding box described by two points. Many
ecological data sets are collected ...
Matt Jones
06:38 PM Bug #338 (Resolved): need coverage documentation, review all documentation
Many of the fields in eml-coverage are inadequately documented. Need to
thoroughly fill ouot the documentation in t...
Matt Jones
06:33 PM Bug #337 (Resolved): storage type issues
KNB scientists wanted to classify storage type for attributes as "nominal",
"ordinal", "interval", rather than using...
Matt Jones
06:30 PM Bug #336 (Resolved): need formal defs for responsible party roles
Need formal definitions for the responsible party roles that is usable by
applications like morpho to help guide the...
Matt Jones
06:02 PM Bug #335 (Resolved): decompose eml identifiers into familyid and revision
Current eml identifiers are a string that symbolizes a unique revision of an
object (e.g., jones.14.1). The same id...
Matt Jones
02:14 PM Bug #269: resolve packaging issues
At KNB annual meeting 2001 we suggested (concluded) that triples be used to
associate unique, identifieable, retrieva...
Matt Jones

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