From 03/17/2002 to 04/15/2002


10:41 PM Bug #471 (Resolved): eml spec overview document
Need an overview document that gives the background and rationale for eml. This
would likely have both normative an...
Matt Jones
05:09 PM Bug #335: decompose eml identifiers into familyid and revision
After putting a lot of thought into this issue, mu conclusion is that we should
NOT make these changes to the "identi...
Matt Jones
04:45 PM Bug #269: resolve packaging issues
Created a new module "eml.xsd" that allows us to wrap up multiple eml modules
(and other metadata) into a single XML ...
Matt Jones
04:12 PM Bug #337: storage type issues
Possibly use STMML as a value contsraint for the value space for dataTypes.
Thus, it would be based on XML Datatypes...
Matt Jones
03:47 PM Bug #470 (Resolved): need to be able to inline data in EML
Request to be able to inline data in the same file as EML. For binary data,
this could be Base64 encoded. For text...
Matt Jones


09:35 AM Bug #249: Update XSLT stylesheets for EML 2.0 modules
OK, partially did the eml-entity and eml-attribute stylesheets for marine. Need
to put together the rest.
Matt Jones


08:11 AM Bug #450: entityType and format
added additional documentation to make these fields unambiguous. Chad Berkley


10:27 AM Bug #450 (Resolved): entityType and format
The eml-entity module has a field called "entityType" that is supposed to
contain the type of the entity for "other"...
Matt Jones


12:47 PM Bug #427: eml-constraint use of identifers
In looking at this issue, I think the best way to handle this would be to split eml-attribute up into multiple files.... Chad Berkley
11:04 AM Bug #443: revise duration elements in eml-access
duration and ticket count are now removed Chad Berkley
12:54 AM Bug #443: revise duration elements in eml-access
I think it is reasonable to possibly eliminate advanced features like duration
and ticketCount from eml-access for no...
Matt Jones
10:59 AM Bug #339: bounding box vs point data in eml-coverage
made westbc and southbc optional so now if you want to define a single point, you can just use northbc and eastbc. Chad Berkley


08:45 AM Bug #440: eml-entity needs header boolean
this isn't a problem Chad Berkley

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