From 07/12/2004 to 08/10/2004


02:16 PM Bug #1652: eml-constraint documentation error
Fixed for 2.0.1 release. See xsd for new wording of the documentation. Matt Jones
02:15 PM Bug #1652 (Resolved): eml-constraint documentation error
We found another documentation error in eml-constraint's "attributeReference"
field. The documentation states that ...
Matt Jones


04:13 PM Bug #249: Update XSLT stylesheets for EML 2.0 modules
Done. Now the XSLT styles are stored in the EML module and work broadly for
EML, Morpho, and Metacat. Current versi...
Matt Jones
04:12 PM Bug #1195: tracking bug for 2.0.1 release
Finshed (3), (4), (5), and (6). Release is ready. Willplace on web site on
Monday (just to be sure I've covered all...
Matt Jones


11:23 AM Bug #1132: fix access control rule ambiguities
It seems to me that read access to <inline> without read access to general
metadata should not be allowed, Of what us...
David Blankman


02:47 PM Bug #1636 (New): requesting support for ids in taxonomicClassification element
We use species codes in tables of abundance and density. If the
taxonomicClassification element supported ids, then ...
Margaret O'Brien

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