From 02/15/2008 to 03/15/2008


10:44 AM Bug #1756: A bug in eml stylesheets in displaying Doman Info
This is working correctly now. I think this cvs entry might of been the fix.
Revision 1.2, Thu Jun 15 18:18:51 2006 ...
Callie Bowdish


04:50 PM Bug #3096: Date data type (domain) need be handled correctly
implemented datetime handling in both the Postgres and HSQLDB adaptors.
Uses the format string supplied in the EML fo...
ben leinfelder
10:37 AM Bug #3096: Date data type (domain) need be handled correctly
Tried the first step which uses ISO standard format for dates in the EML metadata/data. postgres is pretty flexible ... ben leinfelder
04:27 PM Bug #2775: DataManager cuts last row off data_table
tested with chad's dataset and it works. ben leinfelder
10:41 AM Bug #2775: DataManager cuts last row off data_table
in the course of testing the datetime support for the datamanager, I came across the code that is causing this.
the l...
ben leinfelder


05:10 PM Bug #3051: standardUnit restriction doesnt match eml-unitDictionary.xml
adding those two units to the eml-attribute.xsd file ben leinfelder
05:00 PM Bug #2083: dimension 'current' is wrongly entered as 'charge'
with this change, some of the other derived units get shuffled around a bit (at least in terms of their time coeffici... ben leinfelder
04:01 PM Bug #3166 (Resolved): remove extra "attributeindex" parameter in eml-settings.xsl
The "attributeindex" parameter is multiply defined in the eml-settings.xsl file. This came up when trying to view me... ben leinfelder
03:55 PM Bug #3165 (Resolved): request for an element to contain info about a url
Anywhere there is a <url> it would be useful to have a place to include text that could be added to the anchor tag wh... Margaret O'Brien
03:44 PM Bug #3164 (Resolved): sbc-lter adaptation of eml-literature schema - contact tree
an optional <contact> tree would be useful to designate a contact-author who isnt the first author. Margaret O'Brien
03:42 PM Bug #3163 (Resolved): eml-literature schema - cardinality of volume and pageRange
+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #2076 +++
volume, pageRange should be 0 or 1, to accomodate in_...
Margaret O'Brien


10:16 AM Bug #3151: Package datamanager.jar without including classes from supporting jars
Removed the "unjar" step when building the jar.
Also noticed that the old ecogrid stub jars were being used. Took t...
ben leinfelder

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