From 09/10/2008 to 10/09/2008


02:04 PM Bug #3522 (Resolved): Allow specification of points possible for each question during data upload
We want the user to be able to upload the number of points possible for each question. Because it's possible that th... Ryan McFall


09:45 PM Bug #3521 (Resolved): Set access control for assessment data and metadata from within client
There is no way to indicate who should be allowed to read/write assessment metadata or data. While the server can en... ben leinfelder
09:39 PM Bug #3520 (Resolved): Provide a "generic" structured search field
Currently you can search by:
-any field
-instructor surName
-course title
-institution name
Adding a mo...
ben leinfelder
09:34 PM Bug #3519 (Resolved): Proof of concept: Demographic data incorporation
In lieu of providing an interface for importing [variable] demographic data, we can prescribe a table structure for t... ben leinfelder
09:30 PM Bug #3518: Allow [re]editing of question-level metadata
Should only require a change to the parseXML() method in Question/ResponseItem ben leinfelder
09:29 PM Bug #3518 (Resolved): Allow [re]editing of question-level metadata
The content of the question items can be edited, but the concept categories, blooms taxonomy, etc... can only be edit... ben leinfelder
09:26 PM Bug #3517 (Resolved): Select metadata fields only from within "cart"
Web app should restrict field selection until one of the last steps before download - selecting the fields from the m... ben leinfelder
09:22 PM Bug #3516 (Resolved): Simplify "shopping cart" web interface
-Checkboxes are awkward (use add/remove like in VegBank)
-State of shopping cart should be evident from all screens
ben leinfelder
09:14 PM Bug #3515 (Resolved): Redesign FIRST data repository web interface
While it might be functional, it's not winning any pageants.
A nice graphical refresh - thanks to our new fearless g...
ben leinfelder
09:10 PM Bug #3514 (In Progress): Import assessments with no assessment-level score detail
Currently the assessment data import wizard assumes that all assessment items have individual grades recorded. We sho... ben leinfelder
09:07 PM Bug #3513 (Resolved): Save assessment files with metadata and data
The assessment data import wizard allows users to specify [scanned?] tests that contain student responses and/or inst... ben leinfelder
09:03 PM Bug #3512 (Resolved): Expand keyword tagging beyond NBII lookup
Keyword editing interface should be more generic and support disparate vocabularies from different sources:
-NBII we...
ben leinfelder
08:57 PM Bug #3456: Question prompts not displayed in LabelDataColumns
we may also want to reevaluate using <html> in the <mattext> tags for prompts and choices. it can get a little unwieldy ben leinfelder
08:49 PM Bug #3347: invalid date string causes metacat upload error
we've also added date selection widgets to help enter date strings in the correct format
ben leinfelder


11:40 AM Bug #3353: ResponseItem subclasses do not write answers to XML
This is something to pay attention to a bit more closely. Though the parser interface does not currently provide a w... ben leinfelder
10:37 AM Bug #3342: UI for launching parser in Morpho is awkward
Parser launch has been integrated with the menu system - there is no intermediate step.
Parser is also being used to ...
ben leinfelder
10:36 AM Bug #3351: Ellie Poley test task
clean up... ben leinfelder
10:35 AM Bug #3348: introducing a validation error in document causes save to fail silently
will have to test this again now that many many changes have been made to the Save features for regular Morpho... ben leinfelder

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