From 01/08/2009 to 02/06/2009


05:31 PM Bug #3810 (In Progress): PDF document being viewed does not maximize when the window is maximized.
Once a PDF document is loaded into text/header/footer filtering wizard, the document does not scale with increase in ... Sandeep Namilikonda


11:55 AM Bug #3794 (Resolved): Add tool tip text to controls in the Main parser window
Tool tips will help with usability Ryan McFall
11:54 AM Bug #3793 (Resolved): Add ignored region selections to vector image selection page
Right now the ignored region selections are not shown on the vector image page, which can give the user the impressio... Ryan McFall


03:21 AM Bug #3745: Bold, italics and underline buttons are not functional
Completed through use of StyledEditorKit actions; it turns out that the BoldAction class will work on the currently a... Ryan McFall
03:19 AM Bug #3746: Need ability to make text superscript and subscript
Completed through use of StyledEditorKit actions Ryan McFall


01:24 PM Bug #3768: find engineering vocabulary for assessment classification
I downloaded the IEEE and NASA thesaurii and added a copy to the CVS server:
Matt Jones
12:38 PM Bug #3768: find engineering vocabulary for assessment classification
I found a whole list of engineering thesaurii:
Matt Jones
12:10 PM Bug #3768 (Resolved): find engineering vocabulary for assessment classification
The FIRST metadata application uses one or more controlled vocabularies for classification of assessments and assessm... Matt Jones


01:59 PM Bug #3749 (Resolved): Putting question into edit mode probably shouldn't be undoable action
At least to me, this doesn't really make sense. Some feedback from group members might be useful here. Ryan McFall
01:58 PM Bug #3748 (New): Undo doesn't work for image manipulation + other contexts
Dragging an image onto a question doesn't seem to work in terms of undo. The buttons become active, but they don't a... Ryan McFall
01:55 PM Bug #3747 (Resolved): Allow navigating by question within the parser
Scrolling the ExtractedQuestionsPane should provide a way to move question by question. This could work by overridin... Ryan McFall
01:44 PM Bug #3746 (Resolved): Need ability to make text superscript and subscript
These would be buttons similar to the bold and italics buttons on the toolbar, and would need to work the same way. Ryan McFall
01:40 PM Bug #3623: Remove Selector from PDFPane in MainWindow unless selecting from text
This seems to be fixed with the JXLayer version of selection (although we probably can't select text at all right now). Ryan McFall
01:39 PM Bug #3745 (Resolved): Bold, italics and underline buttons are not functional
The buttons to make text bold, underlined and italicized do not function.
The JEditorPane class has a method that ...
Ryan McFall
01:18 PM Bug #3615: Should check to ensure modifications actually occurred before moving to confirm edit state
This is fixed by the check for existingRectangles.contains(selectedRectangle) in the mouseReleased methods of the Res... Ryan McFall
01:13 PM Bug #3660: Auto-scroll window when performing a selection
This has been handled fairly well for the original selection process. It is currently not implemented when moving se... Ryan McFall
01:09 PM Bug #3584: Switching wizard pages breaks previously existing selections
There's only one page where selections are made, and moving to the JXLayer method of doing selection should have fixe... Ryan McFall


09:10 AM Bug #3703: Commit original photoshop/illustrator files to CVS
committed under new dir: graphics/First_Final_Header_withLayers.psd ben leinfelder


10:28 AM Bug #3733 (Resolved): Assigning response columns incorrectly checks for numeric data
When clicking on which column contains responses, you are prompted when the data is non-numeric. This should only ha... Ryan McFall

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