From 04/26/2007 to 05/25/2007


04:16 PM Bug #2762: Add "Ignore this Error" to logical error checking
You can now ignore errors. Still some minor issues with msgBoxes continuing too long and errors not getting rechecke... Michael Lee
07:03 AM Bug #2854: Data checking is redundant
Entry tool fixed so that error reports aren't duplicated for common errors (stem source, for example). Michael Lee
06:44 AM Bug #2854 (Resolved): Data checking is redundant
Some checks are duplicated in error check: stem source value, for example. Need only one check, and duplicate checks... Michael Lee


02:28 PM Bug #2848 (Resolved): (migration) Ensure unique plot names b/t EEP and CVS plots
The naming of projects is independent between CVS and EEP, that is EEP project numbers could collide with CVS. Michael Lee


02:44 AM Bug #2846 (Resolved): Allow easier deletion of rows in main data forms
Several users have not known how to do this, and they thus must choose a species and not fill in any data. Who knows... Michael Lee
11:38 PM Bug #2845: Populate stemCount.IsPlanted
OK, I added this in the client. Michael Lee
11:35 PM Bug #2845: Populate stemCount.IsPlanted
For now, can be done with unfolding, like so:
UPDATE entry_stems SET entry_stems.isPlanted = IIf([IsIndividualRecord]...
Michael Lee
11:06 PM Bug #2845 (Resolved): Populate stemCount.IsPlanted
This field needs to be populated as a default value. It needs to be populated in the unfolding process normally, but... Michael Lee


03:34 PM Bug #2810: Print function for maps does not work
This needs to be documented on the site.
Can we embed a note about the need to allow popups next to the printer icon?...
Robert Peet
03:29 PM Bug #2683: User submissions of new occurrence records
Cc:,, 'Bruce Sorr...
Robert Peet
03:17 PM Bug #2843 (Closed): Only final collector listed for specimens
Crol Ann writes:
"When there are multiple ollectors listed, the ATLAS seems to preferentially choose the last ollect...
Robert Peet
03:14 PM Bug #2842 (New): Incorrect mapping of nominal concepts
The relationships for Quercus falcata show:
Quercus falcata (Weakley 2005) = Quercus rubra (nominal)
This derives...
Robert Peet
02:24 PM Bug #2837: Deep links to maps
The current url does not go to the map, but just the list of taxa containing the name. We need direct direction to t... Robert Peet


04:45 PM Bug #2810: Print function for maps does not work
This problem can be resolved by setting the IE or other browser to allow popups from
xianhua liu
04:44 PM Bug #2837: Deep links to maps
The url template for a species is:[species name]

For ex...
xianhua liu


02:24 AM Bug #2837 (In Progress): Deep links to maps
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 14:34:12 -0500
From: Steve Baskauf <>
To:, weakley@...
Robert Peet
02:22 AM Bug #2836: LIfemapper like prediction of ranges
Robert Peet
02:21 AM Bug #2836 (New): LIfemapper like prediction of ranges
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 14:07:26 -0500
From: Steve Baskauf <>
Cc: weak...
Robert Peet


04:42 AM Bug #2827: Pellaea wrightiana maps incorrectly; deeper problem revealed?
Fixed, but I don't know how. Would be nice to know the source of the problem so as to know whether other related pro... Robert Peet
04:40 AM Bug #2812: Query crashes mapping program when concept relationships are logically inconsistent
fixed, but I do not know how.
The source of this error appears to have been the logical inconsistency of two concept...
Robert Peet

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