From 11/01/2007 to 11/30/2007


04:15 PM Bug #2906: DBA: reports could be improved
Most of this is resolved as of version:
Stuff not resolved:
** ordering by plotID ...
Michael Lee


01:35 PM Bug #2906: DBA: reports could be improved
Might be nice to suppress notes unless there is error/duplicate. Michael Lee
01:35 PM Bug #2906: DBA: reports could be improved
Report Header needs to stretched down so that info still appears about cover module/corner. DuplText just needs to h... Michael Lee
11:55 AM Bug #2906: DBA: reports could be improved
to print the full plot, if errors or duplicates are there, use this code:
dba_linkToCoverStemData (new case):
Michael Lee


02:14 PM Bug #3013 (Resolved): Include azimuth and dsgPoly/plot size to draw plot bounds on Google-Map?
It would be really cool to draw the plot shape on the terrain. Might finally encourage people to collect X-bearing (... Michael Lee
12:36 PM Bug #3012 (Resolved): For level 1 data, redundant error check: plot size missing
It reports that plot size is required and that plot size (stems) is required. Just one error would suffice. Michael Lee
11:07 AM Bug #3011 (Resolved): Logical check: reasonable sizes between ddh, Ht, DBH
Check for instances of ddh being greater than DBH (almost certainly an error) or DBH unlikely for Height?
We are h...
Michael Lee
10:38 AM Bug #3010 (In Progress): Should encode strings in URL requesting mapping of plots
Here's some help for characters that need encoding:
Michael Lee


03:34 PM Bug #3009 (Resolved): Check that plots are named according to their project label
Check that plots aren't named improperly. Also, perhaps allow a way to reset this value, for folks who use a placeho... Michael Lee


10:10 AM Bug #2668: Geocoordinates
When we have geocoordinates available,we can add google-earth functions similar to what is available on w3Tropicos. Robert Peet


11:04 AM Bug #3006 (New): Add LSID+GUID to data rows
The best way of tracking duplicates is unfortunately not our current system, but rather a GUID that is an LSID that h... Michael Lee
10:59 AM Bug #2918: Headers of entry forms are annoying
One could create a manual subform, where the values shown are loaded from the right place, then when the form is clos... Michael Lee
10:51 AM Bug #3004 (Resolved): TEST: Allow resampling of ANY plot
Currently, resampling plots is limited to plots with individual stems. But any plot can be resampled, just no prepri... Michael Lee
10:49 AM Bug #2770: Finish the export DB function for level 5 data
Instead, this functionality will be in the viewer database. Michael Lee


10:33 AM Bug #2991: When no plots are selected, export throws an error
It warns you if there are no plots, and you can continue anyway. If nothing is there, then ...
Michael Lee
09:50 AM Bug #2991 (Resolved): When no plots are selected, export throws an error
If no plots are selected, exporting EEP simple reports throws an error, because there is no data to transfer to Excel... Michael Lee

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