From 02/20/2008 to 03/20/2008


03:50 PM Bug #2883: Monitoring data: how to determine ordering of rows?
I think this is working OK now, using the original order the person entered stems in. Perhaps an addition would be re... Michael Lee
03:23 PM Bug #2787: add entry_stems.isPlanted to interface?
Sometimes users have planted stems that need to be switched to natural. Would be nice to have a button that did that,... Michael Lee
03:20 PM Bug #2917: Entry DB is getting larger and larger - allow downloads of data to decrease size
done, v224.
SoilTaxon and communities can be downloaded and save ~20MB of space in the release version.
Michael Lee
03:20 PM Bug #3009: Check that plots are named according to their project label
*** Bug 3064 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. *** Michael Lee
03:18 PM Bug #3009: Check that plots are named according to their project label
This is done in the DBA unfolding step. There is no way for the users to fix this if something happens. Michael Lee
03:20 PM Bug #3064: DBA: check that plot names match project code
this is the same thing as bug 3009 exactly!
*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 3009 ***
Michael Lee
03:19 PM Bug #3011: Logical check: reasonable sizes between ddh, Ht, DBH
done: Check for instances of ddh being greater than DBH (almost certainly an error) or DBH unlikely for Height? Michael Lee
03:17 PM Bug #2877: Access 2007 issues
If turning off confirmation messages doesn't work in Access 2007, this is really important for next release, as contr... Michael Lee
03:12 PM Bug #3180 (Resolved): Reduce File size by importing to new database
It may be possible to reduce the file size by ~10MB by importing all objects into another fresh db. This had problem... Michael Lee


03:21 PM Bug #2867: Reverse Migrate New archive data into old archive
We may not do this, as the momentum is now for moving the old database into the new archive. Michael Lee
03:13 PM Bug #2632: How to store one module plots - no subplots?
potentially a moot point: modules may be stored as strata. Michael Lee

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