From 05/27/2008 to 06/25/2008


05:50 PM Bug #3427: Pull VMD data from web (workshop '08)
application.importXML() can pull data from the web WITHOUT PROMPTS and seemingly without internet issues, but it excl... Michael Lee
03:46 PM Bug #3427 (Resolved): Pull VMD data from web (workshop '08)
A new web-based system of delivery to contractors of baseline/previous data (to be inserted into the data tool to gen... Michael Lee
05:24 PM Bug #3433 (Resolved): Allow deletion of some but not all plots
Currently, you can delete all plots or plots one by one. would be nice to add:
delete plots by project (and the p...
Michael Lee
05:22 PM Bug #3432 (New): Upgrade patching system
We need a better patching system, which is very basic at best. Currently you have to know about a patch (via the lis... Michael Lee
03:51 PM Bug #3417: WORKSHOP 2008 fixes CONTAINER BUG
To view a neat list of all the bugs that this bug depends on, please see:
Michael Lee
03:38 PM Bug #3417 (Resolved): WORKSHOP 2008 fixes CONTAINER BUG
This is a container bug for all the workshop 2008 fixes that were suggested. Please see the bugs that this bug DEPEND... Michael Lee
03:49 PM Bug #3431 (Resolved): Document whence our picklist values come (workshop '08)
People are interested in where these values come from, and it's a good idea to attribute people's work to them. Michael Lee
03:48 PM Bug #3430 (In Progress): Create 1-pager instructions for each level (workshop '08)
We would like to create a one-page instruction set for each CVS Level so that people can refresh their memories witho... Michael Lee
03:47 PM Bug #3429 (Resolved): level 3 intensive modules (workshop '08)
The intensive modules section will be deleted from the level 3 plot sheet as not being relevant. The only reason to ... Michael Lee
03:46 PM Bug #3428 (Resolved): Level 3 "Water" (workshop '08)
On the level 3 plot sheet, the section header ‘aquatic vegetation’ will change to ‘water’ to better parallel ... Michael Lee
03:45 PM Bug #3426 (Resolved): Vigor of 2 now "weak" not "fair" (workshop '08)
The definition of the category 2 vigor code will change from ‘weak’ to ‘fair’. Michael Lee
03:44 PM Bug #3425 (Resolved): More info about reach in protocol, datasheets, entry tool? (workshop '08)
‘Reach’ will be added to the level 3 plot sheets to reflect the new EEP emphasis on stratification of monitoring ... Michael Lee
03:44 PM Bug #3424 (Resolved): Confidentiality Level 3 (workshop '08)
Data confidentiality will no longer be a required field for level 3 as all contract work for EEP is expected to resul... Michael Lee
03:43 PM Bug #3423 (Resolved): Make Height Precision and Height inversely proportional (workshop '08)
The Manual will be revised and a note will be added at the bottom of the planted stem page to indicate that stems 2.5... Michael Lee
03:42 PM Bug #3422 (Resolved): Indicate units + precision on datasheets (workshop '08)
Datasheets for planted stems should be modified to better indicate both units and precision of measurement. In parti... Michael Lee
03:42 PM Bug #3421 (Resolved): Plot Placement revision (workshop '08)
Under the ‘Plot placement’ field, change the ‘stratified random’ option to ‘stratified’ and add the capab... Michael Lee
03:41 PM Bug #3420 (New): Preprint "plot datasheet" when upgrading to level 3 (workshop '08)
If plots are revised to upgrade to level 3, the plot sheet should be pre-populated with those data previously reporte... Michael Lee
03:40 PM Bug #3419 (Resolved): Print notes on VMD forms (workshop '08)
Preprinted data forms pre-populated with data from the previous year should include an indication if notes were previ... Michael Lee
03:40 PM Bug #3418 (Resolved): Open ended picklists (workshop '08)
The ‘Topographic Position’ pick-list on the level 3 plot sheet should be open-ended so as to allow additional cat... Michael Lee


03:53 PM Bug #3411 (New): Site records and plot records (BLUE RECORDS)
Bruce Sorrie just sent a long list of county site records, but we have no way to add these as blue recordes other tha... Robert Peet
03:45 PM Bug #3410 (New): Literature record option does not work
I went into the admin page and added a (fictional) record for literature for Aristida stricta for Orange Co NC based ... Robert Peet

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