From 07/10/2008 to 08/08/2008


12:12 PM Bug #2823: Need to write "resample plots" report from archive DB
This is now handled in the viewer database. The data are written to XML files, which can be downloaded by the entry ... Michael Lee
12:11 PM Bug #3430: Create 1-pager instructions for each level (workshop '08)
Is that the same as this:
Michael Lee
12:10 PM Bug #2863: Splitting planted and natural stems while sampling: advice needed
I think we are content with keeping natural and planted stems separate, but the new hybrid stem sheet allows collecti... Michael Lee
12:09 PM Bug #3433: Allow deletion of some but not all plots
This is now fixes: projects can be deleted (with all plots) or a year of a project. Michael Lee
12:05 PM Bug #3427: Pull VMD data from web (workshop '08)
This now works for Access 2002+ users. It remains to be seen whether we need a backup option for Access 2000 users. ... Michael Lee


03:00 PM Bug #3006: Add LSID+GUID to data rows
viewer version v201_p0730_mid3 now creates lsids for observation Michael Lee


12:12 PM Bug #3320: Data Monitoring Report Issues
I have not seen the "continued" message in the new reporting system. I think it was related to the blank pages betwe... Michael Lee


01:46 PM Bug #3452: evaluate beta PDA version of the reference lists
This also makes me wonder about a PDA/web version of the protocol itself. The searching tool makes it really helpful... Michael Lee
12:15 PM Bug #3452: evaluate beta PDA version of the reference lists
A first cut at this reference guide (not glossary) is here:
Michael Lee
10:43 AM Bug #2864: Simplify level 3: no modules?, cover only by strata?
Modules now eliminated for level 3. Level 3 plots are a single plot, but size of the plot is variable.
datasheets: ...
Michael Lee
10:41 AM Bug #2936: Figure out "REACHES"
reaches now better documented in protocol (v4.1.6) and entry tool (v226_p0716_mid1) Michael Lee
10:40 AM Bug #3025: improve reporting mechanism in entry tool
(In reply to comment #2)
> At this point, the ideas for improvement that rank the highest for me
> are 2 and 4, alon...
Michael Lee
10:38 AM Bug #3419: Print notes on VMD forms (workshop '08)
Fixed in v226_p0716_mid2 entry tool.
I understand notes to be printed at bottom of page, not bottom of report as ind...
Michael Lee
10:36 AM Bug #3004: TEST: Allow resampling of ANY plot
any plot can now be resampled, regardless of what plot level and whether or not there are planted stems. Michael Lee
10:35 AM Bug #3180: Reduce File size by importing to new database
This seems to be fixed when compact and repair is done in Access 2007, which is part of the release process. Michael Lee
10:34 AM Bug #2867: Reverse Migrate New archive data into old archive
We are no longer reverse migrating data to old archive; rather, we are moving to the new archive. Michael Lee
10:34 AM Bug #2632: How to store one module plots - no subplots?
modules no longer stored as subplots, so this is moot. Michael Lee


05:31 PM Bug #3320: Data Monitoring Report Issues
(In reply to comment #0)
> Now that users are creating their own reports, they need some fixes:
> 1) Blank pages e...
Michael Lee
12:30 PM Bug #3418: Open ended picklists (workshop '08)
a wiki has been created for comments on this:
Michael Lee
11:54 AM Bug #3425: More info about reach in protocol, datasheets, entry tool? (workshop '08)
now requiring reach on datasheets for levels 1-2 and entry tool v226_p0716_mid1 Michael Lee


02:53 PM Bug #2864: Simplify level 3: no modules?, cover only by strata?
Comments from our group:
From: Robert K. Peet
Date: Fri, Jul 20, 2007 at 6:53 PM
We have pending a simplification ...
Michael Lee
02:36 PM Bug #3425: More info about reach in protocol, datasheets, entry tool? (workshop '08)
I have added reach comments to the protocol. Datasheets don't have room for any more info, but reach definition was ... Michael Lee
02:05 PM Bug #3431: Document whence our picklist values come (workshop '08)
we decided to use the subclass values for soil texture. All this is now in the protocol, version 4.1.6 revised today... Michael Lee


03:08 PM Bug #3452 (In Progress): evaluate beta PDA version of the reference lists
I think it would be really helpful to create a webpage that could be downloaded onto a mobile device (smart phone or ... Michael Lee

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