From 04/06/2004 to 05/05/2004


10:02 AM Bug #1553 (Resolved): Search Scope for dataset panel
DatasetPanel need a SearchScope vector to process search function. In
SearchScope object, it has namespace, config a...
Jing Tao


02:34 PM Bug #1543: create workflow scripting language
Ptolemy II includes Jacl, which is a 100% Java implementation of a
subset of Tcl. We use Jacl for the test suite. ...
Christopher Brooks
10:06 AM Bug #1544: complete web service actor
Fixed... The only types left unsupported is short, float and their array as
there are no short and float types in Pt...
Ilkay Altintas


11:52 AM Bug #1548 (In Progress): consolidating data access user interfaces
Currently Kepler contains several distinct methods for binding data sources to a
workflow. These include the EML200...
Matt Jones
11:06 AM Bug #1546 (Resolved): dynamic data and actor views using ontologies
Current lists of actors (and planned data sets) are static in that the tree is
statically written into a MoML model ...
Matt Jones
10:50 AM Bug #1545 (Resolved): need SAS actor
Need an actor that can execute SAS jobs. Initially start by implementing this
locally, possibly utilizing the comma...
Matt Jones
10:45 AM Bug #1544 (Resolved): complete web service actor
Fix web service actor code --> Ilkay, Chad
This involves completing the code for a wider variety of data types, an...
Matt Jones
10:40 AM Bug #1543 (Resolved): create workflow scripting language
it would be useful to have a simple scripting language to write out workflows
without using the visual editor and wi...
Chad Berkley

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