From 09/18/2005 to 10/17/2005


12:04 PM Bug #2231: Documentation system implementation
Bug Also Assigned to : Nandita Mangal Nandita Mangal
10:58 AM Bug #2231 (Resolved): Documentation system implementation
-- How-to manuals chapters for specific computational tasks (patterns of use)
(for example, how to do iteration in a...
Ilkay Altintas
12:02 PM Bug #2232: Website updates
Nandita Mangal needs to work on it. Nandita Mangal
11:03 AM Bug #2232 (Resolved): Website updates
-- The webpages have a few different links to installation manuals. We need to
incorporate these under one unique te...
Ilkay Altintas
11:15 AM Bug #1888: changes to data access system to incorporate geon data
Need to cache the db schema.
Still need to decide within the GEON project what to do with Web services
Efrat Jaeger
11:10 AM Bug #1898: Redesign the web service harvester and create design documentation
We need to discuss next week what harvesting web services mean for Kepler in the
new kar-based architecture. Then thi...
Ilkay Altintas
11:09 AM Bug #1908: GEON datasets wrappers
done Efrat Jaeger
11:09 AM Bug #1903: Wrappers to access ADN metadata
done Efrat Jaeger
11:08 AM Bug #1892: Design an interface to optionally log inputs, parameters and intermediate results
This was included in the provenance framework. The desig is at
Ilkay Altintas
11:08 AM Bug #1897: Remove unused geon specific components and jars
done Efrat Jaeger
11:06 AM Bug #1890: Add query builder to generic db actor
Query builder is now available through the the generic db query actor.
Still need to find out how to to access MS Acc...
Efrat Jaeger
11:06 AM Bug #2137: create a docbook format for WF documentation
Included in the new bug. Ilkay Altintas
10:52 AM Bug #1901: Documentation system
Done items:
* Includes way to serialize docs for atomic and composite actors (and
directors, and utilities, etc)
Ilkay Altintas
10:13 AM Bug #1904: Nimrod implementation and templates
The Nimrod actors were checked into the Resurgence folder by Wibke Sudholt. Ilkay Altintas


10:45 AM Bug #2230 (In Progress): EML actor doesn't handle footer line in data file
Currently our delimiter reader only handle head line number and doesn't handle
foot line in data file. We need to su...
Jing Tao


09:37 AM Bug #2224: Annotation actor not working correctly from KAR file
fixed configuration information for Annotation and Documentation actors to
correct values.
Dan Higgins


03:08 PM Bug #2225 (In Progress): EML parser does not handle attribute list reference
Currently, our eml parser in kepler couldn't handle attribute list reference.
And it couldn't handle entity referenc...
Jing Tao
03:03 PM Bug #2224 (Resolved): Annotation actor not working correctly from KAR file
With the new .kar files for building the actor tree, the Annotation actor gives
a simple rectangle with dragged to t...
Dan Higgins

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