From 07/17/2006 to 08/15/2006


02:06 PM Bug #2514: CT Director parameter list for ODESolver is incomplete
Added another ODESolver parameter to the list in the Director MOML that is put into kar file Dan Higgins
01:09 PM Bug #2514 (Resolved): CT Director parameter list for ODESolver is incomplete
The default value of the ODESolver parameter is "ExplicitRK45Solver" but that value does not appear in the drop down ... Dan Higgins
12:59 PM Bug #2513 (Resolved): Some actors not included in 'ant generateDoc' target
The ant target 'generateDoc' uses the XSLT transform 'getActors.xsl' to generate a file called 'ActorList.txt' from t... Dan Higgins


12:11 PM Bug #2510 (Resolved): Using the parameter for file input in the IJMacro actor does not work
The IJMacro actor works on image files whose file name is inport from the port, but does not work when the file name ... Dan Higgins


11:56 AM Bug #2509 (In Progress): FSM & Modal Model Menu selections do not work
Under File/New/ the FSM and Modal Modal options do not work. Capability of creating Finite State Models and Modal mo... Dan Higgins


09:59 AM Bug #2506 (Resolved): Windows installer w/o jvm complains about invalid jvm
When installing and trying to load the Windows beta2 release installation (without jvm), I get an invalid jvm error. Efrat Jaeger


02:30 PM Bug #2494 (In Progress): Problem with Microsoft zip extractor and Kepler zip
The nightly build of Kepler creates a nightly zip file that contains all the code needed to run kepler from a shell/b... Dan Higgins


02:42 PM Bug #2493 (Resolved): actor repository tracking bug
The Kepler repository at currently has 52 components in it, but (nearly?) all are ... Dan Higgins


11:08 AM Bug #2490 (Resolved): Get ecogrid endpoints from Ecogrid registry
Currently, individual endpoints for SRB, metacat, GEON, and Digir ecogrid implementations are stored in the KEPLER/li... Dan Higgins

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