From 03/28/2013 to 04/26/2013


12:55 PM Bug #5722: Check for problems with sanitized RecordToken labels
Arbitrary string are allowed as record labels as of rev. 66121; the expression language is adapted to make this possi... Marten Lohstroh


10:32 AM Bug #5278 (Resolved): HSQL database is shared between users
This is now fixed: separate HSQL servers are launched for each user. To prevent port conflicts, the port number is ra... Daniel Crawl


09:37 AM Bug #5834: Fix Kepler Javadoc warnings
Java 1.7.0_17 has a bug that prevents 'ant javadoc' from completing. The problem is that between Java 1.7.0_15 and 1... Christopher Brooks


10:26 AM Bug #5901 (Resolved): Kepler window sometimes only has Reporting view.
Changes to _viewPanes were checked in at r31884. closing the bug. jianwu jianwu


11:52 AM Bug #5901 (Resolved): Kepler window sometimes only has Reporting view.
When I start Kepler, it sometimes only show reporting view. The View box listing all available views is also gone.
jianwu jianwu


02:38 PM Bug #5838 (Works For Me): incomplete transfer of error messages into serialized WorkflowRun xml
I tested this and can't reproduce the problem. Feel free to reopen and attach an example workflow. Daniel Crawl


11:06 AM Bug #5601 (Closed): Can still lose report design when saving to KAR
Dan and I tested this bug in reporting 2.4 branch, and cannot reproduce it. Closing it. jianwu jianwu


10:02 AM Bug #5893: During installation, Kepler takes a long time to start up under Windows
We should update the splash screen for the next release. Daniel Crawl

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