From 06/04/2013 to 07/03/2013


04:56 PM Bug #4049: Import actor that already exists appends strange numbering scheme
To prevent the ending digits from being removed when dropping an actor on the canvas, set the display name and make t... Daniel Crawl
04:52 PM Bug #5726 (Resolved): actor names ending in digit renamed on canvas
I found that if the display name is set and the display name is different from the name, then the ending digits are n... Daniel Crawl


10:44 AM Bug #5723 (Resolved): references to parameter are not always renamed
Fixed. I also added another test to Rename.tcl. Daniel Crawl


04:09 PM Bug #6000: parameter copy-paste exception on console.
Hi Christopher, thanks for your info. I noticed it is a warning and agree it doesn't have high priority. jianwu jianwu


05:09 PM Bug #6000: parameter copy-paste exception on console.
That's a warning, not an exception.
Take a look at the source.
Line 1789 of ptolemy/data/expr/
Christopher Brooks


04:58 PM Bug #6000 (Closed): parameter copy-paste exception on console.
This workflow (see attachment) has two parameters. The first one, called datadir, is Parameter type and the second on... jianwu jianwu

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