From 10/15/2000 to 11/13/2000


05:08 PM Bug #169: pathquery support for owner and site subsetting
Modified pathquery.dtd and QuerySpecification to allow some new constraints
on queries submitted to Metacat. Now, qu...
Matt Jones
04:50 PM Bug #169 (Resolved): pathquery support for owner and site subsetting
Need support in the query system for the client to specify a single user or list
of users to restrict query results....
Matt Jones
05:04 PM Revision 535 (metacat): Modified pathquery.dtd and QuerySpecification to allow some new constraints
on queries submitted to Metacat. Now, queries can contain an optional
set of <owner> tags that identify the users fo...
Matt Jones
04:46 PM Bug #168 (Resolved): eliminate title attribute from xml_documents
The current 'title' attribute in the xml_docuemnts tabe and xml_revisions table
is no longer needed because of the f...
Matt Jones


03:31 PM Revision 534 (metacat): can now send a file to another server
03:31 PM Revision 533 (metacat): can now download a document from a server
03:30 PM Revision 532 (metacat): no message
02:34 PM Revision 531 (metacat): Changed utility query to include the user_owner field rather than the
title field, which is now obsolete. Matt Jones
02:26 PM Revision 530 (metacat): Fixed typo in DBSAXHandler debug message.
Matt Jones
12:54 PM Revision 529 (metacat): not needed any more
10:49 AM Revision 528 (metacat): it is not needed to be here
10:11 AM Revision 527 (metacat): changes for using SRB v1.1.8 at LTER, NM
10:08 AM Revision 526 (metacat): SRB v1.1.8
10:05 AM Revision 525 (metacat): added replication properties


02:04 PM Revision 524 (metacat): changed naming scheme
01:55 PM Revision 523 (metacat): changed naming scheme
01:41 PM Revision 522 (metacat): changed naming scheme
01:23 PM Revision 521 (metacat): servlet to handle metacat replication requests.
01:21 PM Revision 520 (metacat): a timer based thread that does Delta-T replication checking.
01:21 PM Revision 519 (metacat): a parser to handle replication xml messages


03:06 PM Revision 518 (metacat): change for using the db connection
10:18 AM Revision 517 (metacat): updated xml_relation table
10:09 PM Revision 516 (metacat): Changed target of the javadoc builds to the build/docs/apiDocs directory
so that we no loger version track the javadoc html files -- they changes
too much between each of the times we would ...
Matt Jones
08:22 PM Revision 515 (metacat): Updated the Javadoc documentation so that the current release can be provided
on the web site. Matt Jones


01:24 PM Bug #161: need replication mechanism for metacat
Work is in progress- Models have been submitted, refined and resubmitted for
comment. Work is currently in progress...
Chad Berkley
05:21 PM Revision 514 (metacat): Fixed problem with AuthInterface, AuthLdap, and AuthMcat where the
sigantures of the methods of these classes were not in agreement, which was
causing AuthLdap to no longer compile. C...
Matt Jones


10:38 AM Revision 513 (metacat): bug fix about util.openDBConnection() for xmlIndex tread


12:02 PM Revision 512 (metacat): small fix for exception when srbMaster is not running
11:12 AM Revision 511 (metacat): not needed
09:38 AM Revision 510 (metacat): XSLT transformation on "login" and "logout" action


03:26 PM Revision 509 (metacat): AuthMcat
- new class for authentication through MCA; implements AuthInterface
- assigning HttpSession obj only aft...
02:29 PM Revision 508 (metacat): added "qformat=html" form parameter for "login" and "logout" actions
02:14 PM Revision 507 (metacat): changed action's value:
"Login" to "login"
"Logout" to "logout"
05:12 PM Revision 506 (metacat): Modified stylesheets to use the default.css file from the new KNB web site.
Also, provided a new resultset.xsl that represents a simple freetext query
of the KNB data repository. Updated build....
Matt Jones


07:07 PM Revision 505 (metacat): Began work on new UI for the KNB web site. It will be the main query
interface from the KNB website. Matt Jones


02:39 PM Bug #138: use LDAP as optional directory for authentication
Fixed the LDAP authentication adapter ( so that it now looks up
the distinguished name for a user befor...
Matt Jones
02:38 PM Revision 504 (metacat): Fixed the LDAP authentication adapter ( so that it now looks up
the distinguished name for a user before attempting to do authentication.
This is because the user's distinguished na...
Matt Jones


05:38 PM Bug #163 (Resolved): need data repository interface for metacat
Recent discussions have indicated that the metacat server should shield client
interaction from the SRB and other da...
Matt Jones
05:28 PM Bug #162 (Resolved): need harvest/batch load for metacat
The metacat server needs to be able to accept large numbers of metadata
documents for insert and update from site me...
Matt Jones
05:26 PM Bug #161 (Resolved): need replication mechanism for metacat
Metacat was intended to be a centralized index of metadata that was replicated
across several sites. This replicati...
Matt Jones
05:21 PM Bug #21: metacat redundancy in reader and writer implementation of nodes
When I refactored the class structure a month or so ago this issue became moot.
Now the DocumentImpl class handles b...
Matt Jones
05:18 PM Bug #149: Need revision number to uniquely specify docid
Reassigned to jones because I agreed to look into the California Digital Library
acession numbering scheme.
Matt Jones


01:03 PM Revision 503 (metacat): merge AUTH_LDAP to the main branch
09:07 AM Revision 502 (metacat): clear System.exit(0) within the static block

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