From 05/21/2001 to 06/19/2001


04:56 PM Bug #235: ssl support for metacat (https)
2. Download JSSE and install JSSE jars by coping jart.jar, jnet.jar, jsse.jar to
$JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/ext and to $TOMC...
Jivka Bojilova
04:26 PM Bug #235: ssl support for metacat (https)
These are the things that should be done on the server for Metacat to
communicate through HTTPS:
1. in $TOMCAT_HOME/...
Jivka Bojilova
12:10 PM Bug #238 (Resolved): query performance
Metacat has horrible query performance, and we need to fix it. It can take as
much as 8 or 9 seconds to search a fe...
Matt Jones


01:38 AM Bug #185: replication security hole
Owen -- don't know if you noticed -- I reassigned this important security bug to
you. Think you'll be able to take a...
Matt Jones


02:56 PM Revision 780 (metacat): fixed error with exception handling in metacat servlet and added new dtds to the sql script
11:10 AM Bug #234: metacat accession number handling
DONE Jivka Bojilova
10:15 AM Revision 779 (metacat): changes according to bug# 234 - metacat accession # handling, done


12:10 PM Revision 778 (metacat): changed all mentions of DBAdapter to the new name AbstractDatabase
12:02 PM Revision 777 (metacat): changed all mentions of DBAdapter to the new name AbstractDatabase
11:44 AM Revision 776 (metacat): changed dbAdapter property to edu...OracleAdapter
11:42 AM Revision 775 (metacat): rename the DB* classes to:


01:50 PM Revision 774 (metacat): use the non-null function name from db adapter
01:49 PM Revision 773 (metacat): included new function that returns db specific non-null function name
10:24 AM Bug #187: test metacat on Windows NT/2000
need to keep open for SQL Server David Blankman
10:21 AM Bug #187: test metacat on Windows NT/2000
Metacat (Oracle version) tested on Windows 2000 with Tomcat on Windows 2000.
All features work. File paths reference...
David Blankman


04:12 PM Bug #185: replication security hole
This bug arises because the client metacat provides the hostname in the
parameter data during replication, and the se...
Matt Jones
03:40 PM Bug #235 (Resolved): ssl support for metacat (https)
Need support for clients to connect to metacat using ssl. Need to determine a
reasonable way of generating and assi...
Matt Jones
02:42 PM Bug #186: add web metadata entry form for Metacat
Reassigned to cjones who is working on a web form that uses the new
perl module to communicate with metaca...
Matt Jones
12:24 PM Revision 772 (metacat): cleared the COLLATION specifiers on column definitions:
it is new in SQL Server 2000 and not supported in its earlier versions bojilova
10:27 AM Bug #234 (Resolved): metacat accession number handling
Metacat currently generates an accession number if one is not provided by the
client on insert. We decided last Mar...
Matt Jones


02:07 PM Revision 771 (metacat): excluded revisionid from the insert statement for xml_revisions.
It is identity column for SQL Server or filled by sequence for db as Oracle or Postgres bojilova
01:47 PM Revision 770 (metacat): changed like with =


04:14 PM Revision 769 (metacat): changed ... WHERE ... LIKE ? ...
to ... WHERE ... = ? ... bojilova
04:12 PM Revision 768 (metacat): MS SQL Server stores trailing spaces in varchar fields which shouldn't be
thus added docid.trim() in the Java code bojilova
01:26 PM Revision 766 (metacat): the ODBC multi-threading problem:
in DBQuery we open ResultSet in the db connection and we are trying to
open another Resultset by AccessControlList wh...
12:51 PM Revision 765 (metacat): changed
SELECT ... WHERE = ? ...
It should be changed everywhere it is found
12:14 PM Revision 764 (metacat): seems that there are problem in JDBC-ODBC bridge used with SQL Server
when using sql statements like:
changed to:
WHERE = ? ...
and now it works
12:12 PM Revision 763 (metacat): commented out the use of oracle.jdbc.driver
this was harcoded use for batching the sql calls at once in order to speed up the insert of XML Index bojilova
12:08 PM Revision 762 (metacat): added
INSERT INTO xml_replication (serverid, server, replicate) VALUES ('1', 'localhost', '0');
which was missing
05:26 PM Revision 759 (metacat): several changes were needed related to the change of the unique id generation and use
05:24 PM Revision 758 (metacat): Changed the order of generating and getting Unique ID for
xml_nodes.nodeid and for uniqueid part of the accession#
because of SQl Server capabilities:
first let the db to gene...
05:18 PM Revision 757 (metacat): - new db adapter for MS SQL Server
- changed the getUniqueID(conn, tableName) to return the last generated by the db unique ID
instead of generating uni...


05:17 PM Revision 756 (metacat): Updated pathquery.dtd to reflect new addition of filterdoctype element.
Matt Jones


12:54 PM Bug #183: Port metacat to PostgresSQL and other databases
I noticed that new classes that implement this functionality were checked in (by
Jivka). I have some file naming sug...
Matt Jones
11:09 AM Revision 755 (metacat): - made xmltables-sqlserver.sql from SQL Server running here on rincon machine
- included db index on xml_nodes.nodename which was missing bojilova


11:21 AM Revision 754 (metacat): change the call from getDateFunction() to getDateTimeFunction()
11:07 AM Revision 753 (metacat): changed the getDate method to getDateTime and changed the return
string in the postgresql implementation to "now()" from now()::date harris
10:21 AM Revision 752 (metacat): change the call from getDateString() to getDateFunction()
10:20 AM Revision 751 (metacat): change the method name getDateString() to getDateFunction()
return "now()::date" in the DBPostgresql implementation of that method bojilova
09:01 AM Revision 750 (metacat): The Postgres implementation of the dbadapter package, still needs testing and
the getDate... method just returns the db function to return the date; to retreive the
current time is a second funct...


03:28 PM Revision 749 (metacat): changed the db sequence name used for the accession# uniqueid
to xml_documents_id_seq.
All db sequences now are named of form <table_name>_id_seq
03:26 PM Revision 748 (metacat): added new property for the dbadapter class as:
the installation procedure should change it to the appropriate class
03:19 PM Revision 747 (metacat): - changed to use the DBAdapter uniform interface for all apperance of "sysdate"
and uniqueid generation from sequence
- reads from the dbadapter class implemented th...
03:06 PM Revision 746 (metacat): the abstract DBAdapter class and its Oracle implementation
for the new dbadapter package bojilova


03:24 PM Revision 745 (metacat): Fixed bug in metacat where return doctypes were not being properly
back traced. Changed DBQuery.findDocuments() so that it no longer
takes a returndoc array, but instead retrieves the...
Matt Jones


03:42 PM Bug #190: modify resultset to return all package information
Added ability to process multiple "returndoc" elements in
a pathquery document. Now, any query hit will be back trace...
Matt Jones
02:46 PM Bug #190: modify resultset to return all package information
Modifications that change the package handling behavior of metacat. Package
membership is now determined by an identi...
Matt Jones
02:30 PM Revision 744 (metacat): Added ability to process multiple "returndoc" elements in
a pathquery document. Now, any query hit will be back traced to an
associated package if that package is listed in o...
Matt Jones
01:51 PM Revision 743 (metacat): Modifications that change the package handling behavior of metacat. Package
membership is now determined by an identifier being used as either the subject
or object in a triple. One can not re...
Matt Jones

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