From 08/15/2001 to 09/13/2001


10:28 PM Revision 830 (metacat): Removed the requirement that the relationship for ACL associations be
"isRelatedTo". Now the relationship in the triple can be anything, like
"describes access control rules for". This ...
Matt Jones
07:26 PM Revision 829 (metacat): More fully completed the eml-dataset XSLT stylesheet for translating
into HTML format. Now more of the relevant fields are completed, and
the coverages are shown. Still need to systema...
Matt Jones


04:22 PM Revision 828 (metacat): Added new filter for style-path
Matt Jones
04:22 PM Revision 827 (metacat): Modified metacat stylesheets to now use a "style-path" filter for setting
the path to XSL and CSS style sheets. this allows the style
location to be configured independently of the main web ...
Matt Jones


02:49 PM Revision 826 (metacat): changes to store namespace prefixes separately from the local names of nodes (elements and attributes)
in xml_nodes.nodeprefix column bojilova
02:46 PM Revision 825 (metacat): added nodeprefix column to xml_nodes table for storing of namespace prefixes per nodes
11:56 AM Bug #279 (Resolved): entity resolver sometimes fails
The DBEntityResolver is used durning XML document parsing to find the locations
of the DTDs to be used to validate a...
Matt Jones
11:19 AM Revision 824 (metacat): Updated index page to launch proper initial query.
Matt Jones


06:38 PM Revision 823 (metacat): Updated stylesheet to reflect the new eml2 schema.
Matt Jones


02:43 PM Bug #278 (Resolved): Install production o=LTER LDAP Server
INSERT push from LTER personnel database completed and tested.
UPDATE push from LTER personnel database programming ...
David Blankman


10:16 AM Bug #273 (Resolved): site deployment for metacat
Need to deploy metacat at selected LTER, OBFS, and NRS sites to begin to build
our network. OBFS and NRS may have a...
Matt Jones
10:12 AM Bug #272 (Resolved): install production root LDAP server
Need to install the 'production' root LDAP server on ecoinfo so that it can be
used by the production metacat server...
Matt Jones
10:06 AM Bug #271 (Resolved): production metacat install
Need to take the current release of metacat and install a 'production' version
on ecoinfo so that it is completely d...
Matt Jones
09:52 AM Bug #270 (Resolved): change LDAP interface to get complete DN from client
Metacat currently retrieves a userid from the client, and uses this along with a
single configuarable baseDN paramet...
Matt Jones


10:48 AM Revision 822 (metacat): Revised build.xml and to make it easier to
install alternative stylesheets for metacat. In the process,
replaced the deprecated copydir and copyfile commands i...
Matt Jones


04:10 PM Bug #95: support for Namespaces in XML documents
Added support. Need to test extensively, especially for query. Jivka Bojilova
01:38 PM Revision 821 (metacat): added support for Namespaces.
Metacat now can store and retrieve XML documents with Namespaces.
Namespace is stored as separate record in xml_nodes...

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