From 09/16/2001 to 10/15/2001


04:40 PM Bug #248: id finder needed for metacat
It appears that Metacat does NOT return the LAST ID (It seems to return the last
id of a dataset document. But there ...
Dan Higgins


03:57 PM Bug #185: replication security hole
SOLVED Jivka Bojilova
03:45 PM Bug #185: replication security hole
The problem is described in Metacat Installation Instructions in web site
Jivka Bojilova


10:17 PM Bug #293 (Resolved): Extend perl module to Metacat
Add getCookie subroutine to so that the index.cgi that calls login()
can pass the JSESSIONID to the brows...
Chris Jones


11:32 AM Bug #291: knb context of Metacat fails to find eml-attribute dtd
typo located in database Dan Higgins
10:04 AM Bug #291 (Resolved): knb context of Metacat fails to find eml-attribute dtd
Inserting a new datapackage to Metacat from Morpho fails with message about not
being able to find eml-attribute dtd.
Dan Higgins


05:41 PM Bug #280: provide support for multiple UI styles in metacat
Need to implement a "generic" stylesheet for the case when no specific one is
available. Otherwise, completed.
Matt Jones


12:57 PM Bug #185: replication security hole
Added support for running replication over HTTPS.
Removed the check of IP address using the DNS because it doesn't pr...
Jivka Bojilova


10:20 AM Bug #171: add transform action
WONTFIX. Feature is not needed. Transforms can be applied in "style-sets" now
and there is little reason for us be ...
Matt Jones
10:19 AM Bug #117: need new HTML interface allowing boolean search
WONTFIX. We've changed the way queries canbe submitted to metacat, and now the
form fields implictly allow creation ...
Matt Jones
10:15 AM Bug #93: allow dynamic addition of actions
This feature is not needed. Actions are fine hardcoded. Matt Jones
10:15 AM Bug #96: Fix browse function in MARINE servlet
This bug is obsolete. Changed the way query in metacat works. Matt Jones

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