From 10/22/2001 to 11/20/2001


11:59 AM Bug #328 (Resolved): ldap referrals crash system when one referree is down
the ldap authentication system crashes metacat if one of the referree servers is down and a referral is called. I do... Chad Berkley
08:10 AM Revision 870 (metacat): fixed error where person with 'all' permission could not update the access file.
08:10 AM Revision 869 (metacat): fixed error where person with 'all' permission could not update the access file.


01:33 PM Revision 868 (metacat): fixed referral catching mechanism in authLdap.ldapAuthenticate() so that it will refer through a bunch of linked servers instead of just one....I still haven't figured out why the getGroups method wont work.


11:43 AM Bug #325 (Resolved): create site filters to convert site metadata to eml packages
Site specific metadata/data formats need to be converted into EML packages and
transferred via the harvester API to ...
Matt Jones
11:38 AM Bug #162: need harvest/batch load for metacat
Develop according to API defined in bug #323 and reference implementation in bug
Matt Jones


02:29 PM Revision 867 (metacat): fixed the error where the ldap authenticate took 15 seconds to execute


04:42 PM Bug #309: metacat does not follow LDAP referrals
I'm pretty sure the referrals are working correctly, however now, when a user logs in it takes on the order of 10-15 ... Chad Berkley
11:06 AM Revision 866 (metacat): I think i have fixed the ldap referral bug. the test lter account that david made for me works, however I would like matt or someone more knowedgeable with ldap to please check my code. the changes I made are around line 200 of AuthLdap. I put a comment in the source where the code needs to be checked.


08:44 AM Bug #271: production metacat install
done Chad Berkley


06:12 PM Bug #309: metacat does not follow LDAP referrals
Have a potential fix in place on the 'jones' context testing environment. Need
someone (David?) with an LTER account...
Matt Jones
05:45 PM Bug #309 (Resolved): metacat does not follow LDAP referrals
Metacat can't authenticate against the LTER ldap db because it doesn't need to
follow referrals properly. It was ne...
Matt Jones
05:18 PM Revision 865 (metacat): Fix for bug #309 so that Metacat will now follow LDAP referrals. Previously
the default was to ignore referrals. Now we explictly set the JNDI
Context.REFERRAL value to the value in the metaca...
Matt Jones
10:55 AM Revision 864 (metacat): updated web.xml file for the download servlet


10:53 AM Revision 862 (metacat): added new permission 'changepermission' and made 'all' inclusive for all permissions


06:13 PM Bug #305 (Resolved): create an ofa compliant oracle instance
need to update the oracle installation on ecoinfo to be ofa compliant Chad Berkley


07:33 PM Revision 861 (metacat): README and build changes in preparation for the 1.0.0 release of Metacat.
The files contributing to this release are being tagged in CVS as
Matt Jones
05:25 PM Bug #298: Problem with Export function
fixed a bug in metacat where the data file name was not being appended correctly
to the path causing an error stream ...
Chad Berkley
05:19 PM Revision 860 (metacat): Updated the knb.xml configuration to use the new public IDs associated with
eml beta 4. Matt Jones
04:06 PM Revision 859 (metacat): fixed access control bug. the character data in the sax parser was not getting trimmed and causing problems. also fixed hard coded eml-dataset public id in the web index file
04:01 PM Revision 858 (metacat): Added new beta5 version of eml-software dtd, and added to catalog.
Matt Jones
02:46 PM Revision 857 (metacat): added new docid to returndoc for web form
11:00 AM Revision 856 (metacat): changed package and access file doctype
10:53 AM Revision 855 (metacat): took out hard coded paths for style dirs
10:32 AM Revision 854 (metacat): removed the stylesheet sql script since we don't need it anymore
09:46 AM Revision 853 (metacat): Added new DTD files for the new release of EML. Changed the naming
convention for all new DTDs, so the public IDs are now consistently
Matt Jones

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