From 08/05/2003 to 09/03/2003


09:33 AM Bug #1139 (Resolved): squery produces output that is not well-formed
When a metacat query is submitted using the "squery" approach and the query
document is missing the xml declaration ...
Matt Jones


10:53 AM Bug #1137 (Resolved): add a metacat-info action
I think we need to add a metacat-info action so that you can send a request to
metacat and it will print selected p...
Chad Berkley


05:54 PM Bug #435: Source of problem with LTER metacat localized
This was an information only bug. It does not need to be remain as an active bug. David Blankman


04:52 PM Bug #1130: System Id is changed by Metacat
Metacat didn't store the info about docname, public id and system id when user
upload a xml document.
I create new ...
Jing Tao


11:53 AM Bug #305: create an ofa compliant oracle instance
A new instace of oracle from ecoinfo backup file was created in my local machine
- pine and a metacat is runing in ...
Jing Tao


06:01 PM Bug #1130 (Resolved): System Id is changed by Metacat
When a user try to read a document which is based on dtd, currently Metacat will
send back the document with the sy...
Jing Tao


02:19 PM Bug #1127 (Resolved): marine web site enhancements
The following list was compiled when matt was at nceas in july 2003:
-make the login more friendly
-say "reposito...
Chad Berkley

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