From 11/10/2003 to 12/09/2003


05:26 PM Bug #1232 (Resolved): cookie needs to be written after knb page login
this actually applies to code in the KNBWEB cvs module, but the consequences
apply to metacat.
here's the scenari...
Matthew Brooke
01:23 PM Bug #1230: move out of jar file
FIXED. The properties file is now installed in the WEB-INF directory rather
than the jar file. This uses a new Opti...
Matt Jones
12:56 PM Bug #1230 (Resolved): move out of jar file
The current configuration file for metacat ( is installed
inside of the metacat.jar JAR file. Th...
Matt Jones


08:39 AM Bug #1217 (Closed): Extend Metacat Interface and Client
The Metacat interface, implemented by the MetacatClient class,
exposes a number of core actions of the MetacatServle...
Duane Costa


05:01 PM Bug #1214 (Resolved): emlb6 to eml2 conversion style sheets should be usable by both metacat and morpho
The stylesheets as they are right now, have something that are specific to
morpho and other things are specific to ...
Saurabh Garg
04:23 PM Bug #1213 (In Progress): emlbeta6 to eml2 conversion stylesheets should be relocatable
The emlb6 to eml2 conversion stylesheets that are used by webmdentry are
presently in a temp directory. This is the...
Saurabh Garg


05:21 PM Bug #1212 (Resolved): inline data file couldn't be deleted if uploading xml document failed
For handling inline data in eml2 document, Metacat pulls the inline data out and
store it into file system rather th...
Jing Tao
05:08 PM Bug #1202: If request sessionid not recognized, Metacat SQL error & 0 records returned
The reseaon cause the bug is the username is null in this situation. So in MetaCatServlet
class, the code assigning u...
Jing Tao
02:40 PM Bug #1139: squery produces output that is not well-formed
In MetaCatServlet class, the code for handle the pathquery without xml declaration.
The bug was fixed.
Jing Tao

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