From 08/15/2004 to 09/13/2004


04:34 PM Bug #1142: Key issues between java 1.3 and java 1.4
Lets reword that to say that j2sdk 1.4.2 or later is required. I think the
install instructions is the right place. ...
Matt Jones
04:29 PM Bug #1142: Key issues between java 1.3 and java 1.4

For running metacat, now Java version 1.4 would be required. Hence this problem
should not occur.
But couldnt fin...
Saurabh Garg
02:22 PM Bug #1680: New functions in Metacat Client API

Renaming as enhancement
Saurabh Garg
02:14 PM Bug #1680: New functions in Metacat Client API

Added following functions to the MetacatClient
-> readInlineData
-> upload() - with file name
-> upload...
Saurabh Garg
02:13 PM Bug #1680 (Resolved): New functions in Metacat Client API
.. for read inline data and uploading data needed. Saurabh Garg
02:21 PM Bug #1682: Error in handling of docid formats

Saurabh Garg
02:21 PM Bug #1682 (Resolved): Error in handling of docid formats
Errors generated when insert, update and delete actions tried with docid
formats such as a.c.t.t.c.a.1.1
Saurabh Garg
02:15 PM Bug #1681: Access not checked while file uploading

Saurabh Garg
02:14 PM Bug #1681 (Resolved): Access not checked while file uploading
When user with id X uploads data as act.1.1, another user with id Y can upload
act.1.2 without requiring access for...
Saurabh Garg
02:10 PM Bug #1679: Random string entry in action=insert leads to hanging of code

Saurabh Garg
02:10 PM Bug #1679 (Resolved): Random string entry in action=insert leads to hanging of code
Input of following type, hangs metacat code
Saurabh Garg


04:42 PM Revision 2269 (metacat): Beginning new method for building the xml_index table. This uses the
JDBC resultset directly rather than DBSaxNode, and recurses through the
records of the table. The new function 'buil...
Matt Jones
03:12 PM Bug #1674 (Resolved): Access control for eml-2.1.0 documents
This bug is continuing from bug# 968 and is dependent on bug # 1132
Access control to handle eml version 2.0.1 has...
Saurabh Garg
02:57 PM Bug #968: Access control for eml2 documents

I am closing this bug as access control for eml version 2.0.1 is implemented
now. A new bug will be opened for eml ...
Saurabh Garg
02:42 PM Bug #968: Access control for eml2 documents

Changing target_milestone to 1.5 as this bug covers eml-2.1.0 also.
Saurabh Garg


03:51 PM Revision 2268 (metacat): removed a bug which was pointed out by Bing and fixed by Jing.
03:48 PM Revision 2267 (metacat): Removed some unused code


12:12 PM Revision 2266 (metacat): Revisions to text for the ESA / LTSS registry.
Matt Jones


03:58 PM Bug #1671 (Resolved): editing registry entry deletes keywords
When a registry entry has keywords and the entry is edited through the web site,
the keywords are not propogated to ...
Matt Jones


02:43 PM Revision 2265 (metacat): Added a new method to check upload function when a data stream is passed.
02:38 PM Revision 2264 (metacat): Added new upload function which takes InputStream as input.
05:49 PM Revision 2263 (metacat): Adding which has tests regarding inline data access. Also updated


02:43 PM Revision 2262 (metacat): fixed some bugs in document update
05:52 PM Revision 2261 (metacat): Added method to metacat client for reading inline data - readInlineData()


03:47 PM Revision 2260 (metacat): Made changes in AccessControl and Online Data Access tests.
03:45 PM Revision 2259 (metacat): Fixed a bug in upload function. For online data updates, access was not checked.


03:25 AM Revision 2258 (metacat): Modifications to the registry to support the new ESA skin. Factored out some of
the configuration-specific code into properties that are set in the various
cfg files in the skins. New properties i...
Matt Jones


08:51 AM Revision 2257 (metacat): Changed properties to use the xml_index table by default.
Matt Jones
05:30 PM Revision 2256 (metacat): Adding new file with tests regarding access controls related to online data... the tests which are failing are commented out for the time being .. once the bugs are fixed in metacat, they will removed.


02:56 PM Revision 2255 (metacat): Add additional comments to the test cases.
Duane Costa
01:45 PM Revision 2254 (metacat): Remove obsolete comment.
Fix broken URL in Duane Costa


03:35 PM Revision 2253 (metacat): Fixed handling of various docid formats.
12:34 PM Revision 2252 (metacat): Code added to handle errors resulting from following urls: - no action specified
11:14 AM Revision 2251 (metacat): Added check for null condition so that proper error text is returned to user.


02:21 PM Revision 2250 (metacat): Checked to be sure the instance has been initialized in the getDBCOnnection
static method call. Assuming it has been initialized could (and does)
lead to NullPointerExceptions when used outsid...
Matt Jones


01:32 PM Revision 2249 (metacat): Reformatted code for readability. It was crazy. Still has problems, but its
better. Will be working on some new methods on monday. Matt Jones
01:00 PM Bug #1658 (Resolved): tracking bug for 1.4.0 release
This is the tracking bug for last minute details for the 1.4.0 release of
metacat. Before releasing, we need to:
Matt Jones
09:21 AM Revision 2248 (metacat): Fixed a bug in access handling when no access is specified.
09:20 AM Revision 2247 (metacat): Some changes and a bug fix
06:20 PM Revision 2246 (metacat): Added eml-2.0.1 tags for eml processing.
Also fixed a bug. The error returned in case of no revision number specified was just null. Now it says that revision... sgarg
06:09 PM Revision 2245 (metacat): Merging in changes made in branch 'dataaccess' by Jing Tao.
06:04 PM Revision 2244 (metacat): Changed to include new tests
06:02 PM Revision 2243 (metacat): Changed to handle the exception that is thrown by now.


11:50 AM Revision 2242 (metacat): Added code to test the upload functionality in the client
11:43 AM Revision 2241 (metacat): Adding data files for testing as online data
11:34 AM Revision 2240 (metacat): Added upload functionality to metacat client for upload online data


01:12 PM Revision 2239 (metacat): Adding a new test file for testing the Access Controls in Metacat. Not complete or compilable yet.

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