From 11/16/2004 to 12/15/2004


12:58 PM Bug #1538: Entity/Character Refeference Conversion Problems
Its not clear to me that we are handling non-ascii characters properly.
Internet Explorer and some other application...
Matt Jones
12:51 PM Bug #1372: Registry: Reconfigure entryForm.tmpl
Andrea -- what is the status on this form redesign? Can it be incorporated into
the registry now?
Matt Jones


02:42 PM Bug #1819: Access control - deny public/allow user read: user couldn't read

This is not a Morpho problem but a problem on the KNB skin.
Saurabh Garg


12:01 PM Bug #1819 (Resolved): Access control - deny public/allow user read: user couldn't read
I created three DPs for which I had set the Access Permissions so the public
would be denied access and I (uid=conno...
Veronique Connolly


03:06 PM Bug #1818 (Resolved): clarifications for DR entry form page
1. The entry form page uses the term "registry" toward the top, when it should
be "repository".
2. It should be ...
Andrea Andrea
02:58 PM Bug #1323: Registry: Need to check that all entry fields do not include any <, > and other characters
I tested for part 2 of this bug on 12/7/04 and it is still present. The
following illegal characters cause the indic...
Andrea Andrea


05:05 PM Bug #1787 (Resolved): Need to clean out metaact of test and bunk data packages
There are a number of data packages that were placed in metacat for testing
purposes by various people - so many th...
Andrea Andrea

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