From 07/02/2006 to 07/31/2006


03:26 PM Bug #2183: use metacat events to trigger spatial element creation
Based on a discussion w/ Sid this morning, we determined that we'll need to tie the spatial harvesting trigger to the... Matthew Perry
03:23 PM Bug #2499: Port spatial harvesting script from C++ to java
The basic functionality is in place but will likely need to be overhauled completely in order to integrate with the i... Matthew Perry
03:19 PM Bug #2505 (Resolved): Spatial query errors with multiple geographic coverages
The current spatial query logic (in the servlet action=spatial_query OR in the advancedSearch) does not properly acco... Matthew Perry
02:53 PM Bug #2503: Metacat Servlet action=spatial_query returns incorrect results

1) handleSpatialQuery called createSpatialquery w/ parameters in the wrong order
2) createSpatialQuery...
Matthew Perry
12:56 PM Bug #2503: Metacat Servlet action=spatial_query returns incorrect results
Test cases can be found at Matthew Perry
12:55 PM Bug #2503 (Resolved): Metacat Servlet action=spatial_query returns incorrect results
It appears that the metacat spatial query (metacat?action=spatial_query) does not return correct results. Based on a ... Matthew Perry
02:50 PM Revision 3028 (metacat): Fixed parameter order for call to createSpatialQuery and fixed bounding box intersection logic.
12:00 PM Bug #2186: Customizable web map client
Changed title from 'Query results returns more info' which really didn't reflect the purpose of the bug which was mor... Matthew Perry
11:56 AM Bug #2186: Customizable web map client
This will be handled in the mapbuilder configuration files which can be customized for each skin. Matthew Perry
11:54 AM Bug #2186: Customizable web map client
See bug 2189 Matthew Perry
11:52 AM Bug #2189: Refactor skins so returnfield list comes from configuration
The solution proposed in this bug description:
web client -> geoserver -> xslt -> html
.. no longer reflects the w...
Matthew Perry


02:01 PM Bug #2180: Make it easier for admin to add new layers
There are some parts of the geoserver admin page that can be improved upon. Namely alot of the information it prompts... Matthew Perry
01:59 PM Bug #2185: Package the Metacat spatial option independently
Because Geoserver et. al. can be so cleanly integrated into metacat and the spatial harvesting script causes the Meta... Matthew Perry
01:55 PM Bug #2187: Option to view map or metadata.
This will require a filter mechanism to only display geographic features of selected documents Matthew Perry
01:52 PM Bug #2188: replace web client with OpenLayers
changed title of the bug to reflect ongoing work with OpenLayers; a web mapping client alternative mapbuilder Matthew Perry
09:51 AM Bug #2501 (New): Add links to FGDC-tranformed version of EML documents
When viewing EML documents, the user should be provided with a link (under "Metadata Downloads") that gives the EML-t... Will Tyburczy


03:55 PM Bug #1787: Need to clean out metaact of test and bunk data packages

Callie: Can you please check if this bug has been taken care of not. Thanks
Saurabh Garg
03:53 PM Bug #1819: Access control - deny public/allow user read: user couldn't read

Merging into 1232
*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 1232 ***
Saurabh Garg
03:53 PM Bug #1232: cookie needs to be written after knb page login
*** Bug 1819 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. *** Saurabh Garg
03:52 PM Bug #1232: cookie needs to be written after knb page login

Merging bug 1819 into this bug as it refers to the same problems.
I created three DPs for which I had set the Acc...
Saurabh Garg


10:51 AM Revision 3027 (metacat): Added OSUBS to the list of organizations.
10:38 AM Revision 3026 (metacat): Added OSUSB to the list.


03:00 PM Bug #2183: use metacat events to trigger spatial element creation
Currently the metacat spatial harvester is triggered on servlet restart.
Doing it on every insert, update and delet...
Matthew Perry
02:54 PM Bug #2190: Metacat Spatial Option Admin Page
An ambitious goal, one that would overlap greatly with what the geoserver team has already accomplished. They have ha... Matthew Perry
02:37 PM Bug #2180: Make it easier for admin to add new layers
Just for reference, here are the general steps to configure a layer to be displayed in our web map. Each step varies ... Matthew Perry
02:25 PM Bug #2179: Fix harvesting script to get all points and boxes
This bug is a few parts and is already partially resolved:
Bug 2499 describes the effort to port the harvesti...
Matthew Perry
02:19 PM Bug #2499 (Resolved): Port spatial harvesting script from C++ to java
The current way to represent the metacat EML documents in a spatial dataset relies on saving the information to a tem... Matthew Perry
02:13 PM Bug #2181: Footprint based query
Resolved - see bug 2182
Matthew Perry
02:10 PM Bug #2182: Identifying point goes direct to metadata display
Queryable map layers can now be selected from the map and the results will appear in a popup window.
The selection ...
Matthew Perry
02:02 PM Bug #2188: replace web client with OpenLayers
Mapbuilder supports all of these functions (panning, zooms, layer selection).
There is another option that allows f...
Matthew Perry
01:21 PM Bug #2178: Evaluate java-based web mapping applinactions
There are two primary java-based map servers; GeoServer and Deegree
1) Geoserver is easier to configure and install,...
Matthew Perry


10:36 AM Bug #2496 (Closed): Wrong values indexed when empty tags are indexed
The indexing code fails when the xml document has empty tags. Example of this is knb-lter-sbc.13 There is an empty p... Saurabh Garg


03:40 PM Revision 3025 (metacat): updated README with changes for the current day.
03:31 PM Bug #2495 (Resolved): Charset bug: Internationalization
Metacat should be modified in such a way that it can handle characters from other languages also.
Mr. Chau Chin L...
Saurabh Garg
03:20 PM Bug #2080: Admin should be able to modify a document

This is fixed.
Saurabh Garg
03:00 PM Revision 3024 (metacat): added exception handler for normalize function. if StringIndexOutOfBoundsException is thrown then it is reported and nodedata value is forwarded without normalization.
08:56 AM Revision 3023 (metacat): Cleaned up the code with proper debug statements..


11:23 AM Revision 3022 (metacat): Replaced getIdentifyingName and ldapAuthenticate with new code. ldapAuthenticate will first try to form a secure connection. If the secure connection fails then based on the value specified
in, an insecure connection will be made. authenticate() function first tries to connect using the ... sgarg
11:10 AM Revision 3021 (metacat): Added variables to specify whether only secure ldap connections should be allowed for aunthentication.


10:21 AM Revision 3020 (metacat): Added list of changes which are made for the 1.6 release


01:04 PM Revision 3019 (metacat): Update to reflect newer versions of ant, java sdk and postgres

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