From 08/14/2006 to 09/12/2006


03:26 PM Bug #2553 (New): squery needs to handle spatial query
The current metacat spatial query is based on simple comparison of the four bounding values which is slow and potenti... Matthew Perry
03:22 PM Bug #2552 (Resolved): Spatial query class to use geotools against the spatial cache
Currently the spatial query is run with a standard metacat squery. Besides being inefficient, it is also inaccurate s... Matthew Perry
03:16 PM Bug #2551 (Resolved): Generalized spatial xpaths for mutliple schemas
The spatial harvester is currently generic enough to handle any xml document with west,east,north and south xpaths. T... Matthew Perry
03:08 PM Bug #2550 (Resolved): Dateline and polar handling for points
Unfortunately for cartographers the world is not flat. When a feature crosses the dateline or the polar regions, the ... Matthew Perry
03:02 PM Bug #2549 (Resolved): Limit spatial cache to public documents
Until we implement a feasible wms feature filter ( bug 2548 ) we must only put publically readable documents in the s... Matthew Perry
03:00 PM Bug #2548 (New): Architecture for filtering features from WMS requests
Currently, all of the documents in the metacat database are stored in the spatial cache. When the web client requests... Matthew Perry
02:43 PM Bug #2183: use metacat events to trigger spatial element creation
. Matthew Perry
02:42 PM Bug #2183: use metacat events to trigger spatial element creation
Fixed. See bug 2499. Spatial harvesting refactored to provide this functionality Matthew Perry
02:41 PM Bug #2179: Fix harvesting script to get all points and boxes
See 2499. Mutiple coverages supported. Empty bounding coords are now recognized. Cases where bboxs cross the dateline... Matthew Perry
02:39 PM Bug #2505: Spatial query errors with multiple geographic coverages
See bug 2499. Refactoring of spatial harvesting process has this handled.
Instead of representing each document as a...
Matthew Perry
02:37 PM Bug #2499: Port spatial harvesting script from C++ to java
The spatial harvesting classes have been entirely refactored in order to provide the necessary functionality:
- mult...
Matthew Perry
02:34 PM Bug #2437: Cleaner install for spatial components
Geoserver now ships w/ metacat. It runs in the same servlet context and is an integrated part of the build process. T... Matthew Perry
02:27 PM Bug #2184: Integrate into skins system
Copying the template from the common dir to the skins directory is a viable option so we'll go with that for now. Matthew Perry


06:34 PM Bug #2184: Integrate into skins system
We'll likely want to have a few example templates, each self-contained in a single directory. To integrate it with an... Matthew Perry


10:34 AM Bug #2517 (Resolved): Charset bug: > "less than" symbol does not display correctly
The < "less than" symbol does not display correctly. It displays as &lt; in the data repository. When using Morpho it... Callie Bowdish


10:22 AM Bug #468: TLS between ldap server and metacat

Verified the code on KNB. There was some problem in running tomcat 5.0 with jdk1.5 and using xml jars that come with...
Saurabh Garg

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