From 08/20/2006 to 09/18/2006


04:49 PM Bug #2550: Dateline and polar handling for points
revision 1.4 on SpatialDocument should fix this. Centroids are now calculated correctly for these cases. Matthew Perry
04:47 PM Revision 3051 (metacat): fixed point centroid calculation to reflect bboxs that cross the dateline
04:45 PM Revision 3050 (metacat): fixed point centroid calculation to reflect bboxs that cross the dateline
01:01 PM Revision 3049 (metacat): Fixed up some hardcoded paths in html map templates.
12:07 PM Revision 3048 (metacat): Make spatial query more accurate by actually intersecting geometries in addition to a simple bbox filter. Important for testing intersection of irregular shaped objects or multi-geometries
11:21 AM Revision 3047 (metacat): Added docid override mechanism to DBQuery. Bypasses the queryspec.printSQL method and creates an optimized docid query in cases (like the spatial query) where you know the docids a priori
10:18 AM Revision 3046 (metacat): updated SpecNet Home link to


11:27 AM Bug #1232: cookie needs to be written after knb page login

The session information is not maintained by the skin for some reason. So the JSP part knows that is in session but ...
Saurabh Garg
11:24 AM Bug #129: Metacat Performance: paged Query Returns

The query will probably to be stored on per session basis. Maybe the docids found can be stored in a ordered data st...
Saurabh Garg


05:09 PM Bug #2549: Limit spatial cache to public documents
Changed severity to 'major' .. mostly because its already fixed and I don't like seeing bold red text in my bug list! Matthew Perry
05:07 PM Bug #2553: squery needs to handle spatial query
Oops that should be assigned to me. Sorry sid :-p
The performance issue discussed in the comments of bug 2552 shoul...
Matthew Perry
05:03 PM Bug #2552: Spatial query class to use geotools against the spatial cache
Added a edu.ucsb.nceas.metacat.spatial.SpatialQuery class to handle this. Given a spatial query (4 bounding cooordina... Matthew Perry


04:46 PM Revision 3045 (metacat): Updated spatial query to also look at point spatial cache as some documents may only be represented as a single point.
04:10 PM Revision 3044 (metacat): Rewrote spatial query handler to use geotools directly against the spatial cache.
12:33 PM Bug #2554 (Resolved): Store the spatial data cache outside servlet context
Currently the spatial data cache is stored within the servlet context. Geoserver's configuration hardcodes the shapef... Matthew Perry
12:24 PM Revision 3043 (metacat): Allow only public readable docs in the spatial cache
12:23 PM Bug #2549: Limit spatial cache to public documents
Updated SpatialHarvester.queryAllDocids(). Now uses the xml_access table to generate a list of public-readable docids... Matthew Perry
11:20 AM Revision 3042 (metacat): Remove geoserver error pages from web.xml and allow exceptions to pass through


05:13 PM Revision 3041 (metacat): Integrate map interface with knb2 skin


03:26 PM Bug #2553 (New): squery needs to handle spatial query
The current metacat spatial query is based on simple comparison of the four bounding values which is slow and potenti... Matthew Perry
03:22 PM Bug #2552 (Resolved): Spatial query class to use geotools against the spatial cache
Currently the spatial query is run with a standard metacat squery. Besides being inefficient, it is also inaccurate s... Matthew Perry
03:16 PM Bug #2551 (Resolved): Generalized spatial xpaths for mutliple schemas
The spatial harvester is currently generic enough to handle any xml document with west,east,north and south xpaths. T... Matthew Perry
03:08 PM Bug #2550 (Resolved): Dateline and polar handling for points
Unfortunately for cartographers the world is not flat. When a feature crosses the dateline or the polar regions, the ... Matthew Perry
03:02 PM Bug #2549 (Resolved): Limit spatial cache to public documents
Until we implement a feasible wms feature filter ( bug 2548 ) we must only put publically readable documents in the s... Matthew Perry
03:00 PM Bug #2548 (New): Architecture for filtering features from WMS requests
Currently, all of the documents in the metacat database are stored in the spatial cache. When the web client requests... Matthew Perry
02:43 PM Bug #2183: use metacat events to trigger spatial element creation
. Matthew Perry
02:42 PM Bug #2183: use metacat events to trigger spatial element creation
Fixed. See bug 2499. Spatial harvesting refactored to provide this functionality Matthew Perry
02:41 PM Bug #2179: Fix harvesting script to get all points and boxes
See 2499. Mutiple coverages supported. Empty bounding coords are now recognized. Cases where bboxs cross the dateline... Matthew Perry
02:39 PM Bug #2505: Spatial query errors with multiple geographic coverages
See bug 2499. Refactoring of spatial harvesting process has this handled.
Instead of representing each document as a...
Matthew Perry
02:37 PM Bug #2499: Port spatial harvesting script from C++ to java
The spatial harvesting classes have been entirely refactored in order to provide the necessary functionality:
- mult...
Matthew Perry
02:34 PM Bug #2437: Cleaner install for spatial components
Geoserver now ships w/ metacat. It runs in the same servlet context and is an integrated part of the build process. T... Matthew Perry
02:27 PM Bug #2184: Integrate into skins system
Copying the template from the common dir to the skins directory is a viable option so we'll go with that for now. Matthew Perry
02:22 PM Revision 3040 (metacat): Added javadoc comments for all new spatial classes. Optimized the title query in SpatialDocument.
12:58 PM Revision 3039 (metacat): Removed old spatial classes


07:15 PM Revision 3038 (metacat): Minor cartographic fixes to geoserver SLDs
07:10 PM Revision 3037 (metacat): Fixed polygon generator for cases where bbox crosses the dateline or the poles


06:34 PM Bug #2184: Integrate into skins system
We'll likely want to have a few example templates, each self-contained in a single directory. To integrate it with an... Matthew Perry
06:13 PM Revision 3036 (metacat): Fixed up mapbuilder config for knp skin


04:54 PM Revision 3035 (metacat): refactory java classes for spatial harvester
04:37 PM Revision 3034 (metacat): initial import of changes to metacat source and config files to support spatial option
04:22 PM Revision 3033 (metacat): inital import of html templates for web mapping
04:14 PM Revision 3032 (metacat): initial import of spatial libs, try2


10:34 AM Bug #2517 (Resolved): Charset bug: > "less than" symbol does not display correctly
The < "less than" symbol does not display correctly. It displays as &lt; in the data repository. When using Morpho it... Callie Bowdish

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