From 10/10/2006 to 11/08/2006


03:17 PM Bug #2648 (Resolved): Update broken LTER link in web templates
All instances of the following LTER link in metacat's web templates:
Duane Costa
03:11 PM Bug #2647 (Resolved): ESA registry doesn't have LTER in login dropdown menu
The ESA data registry login page
does not include LTER in t...
Will Tyburczy
09:15 AM Bug #2646 (Closed): allow eml to specify any valid user as access constraint
Currently EML defines a flexible access control language that targets setting access rights for particular users and ... Matt Jones


10:16 AM Bug #2644 (Resolved): The edit feature in the NCEAS Data Repoistory does not work
The edit feature in the NCEAS Data Repoistory does not work when logged in with a user name who has access to the doc... Callie Bowdish


02:12 PM Task #2635 (Closed): Look up for forgotten KNB account names
There should be an easy way for users to submit their email on a form on the KNB website, and have an email sent to t... Will Tyburczy


02:03 PM Bug #2579 (Resolved): Default skin display is slightly broken on IE
The default skin has some cosmetic problems in Internet Explorer. The blue section header bars do not display properl... Matthew Perry


08:17 AM Bug #2566 (Resolved): need to set filename for download files
Currently metacat does not explicitly set the filename on downloaded files to anything sensible. Instead, it just us... Matt Jones


05:35 PM Bug #2564 (Resolved): escaped "less than" in inlinedata causes invalid eml output
From: inigo san gil <>
> > My valid EML file
> > (
Matthew Perry


02:53 PM Bug #2517: Charset bug: > "less than" symbol does not display correctly
Inigo San Gil also reports a related issue:
My valid EML file
Matt Jones

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