From 12/21/2006 to 01/19/2007


02:28 PM Bug #2738 (Resolved): Announcement for when server will be unavialble
I think we need some kind of policy regarding what do to do when the KNB server needs is going to go offline to fix s... Callie Bowdish


03:34 PM Bug #2496: Wrong values indexed when empty tags are indexed
This bug should be fixed with the recent changes to bug #2469, but I haven't verified that it is completely fixed. T... Chris Jones
03:31 PM Bug #2469: DocumentImpl.buildIndex() does not index XPaths with attributes correctly
This issue was being caused by offset indexing that involved 3 methods in
Chris Jones
02:46 PM Bug #2734 (New): Duplicates between organizations and more than one organization listed as a owner
There are a number of organizations who participate in projects at NCEAS whos data is currently (or potentially) regi... Callie Bowdish


02:38 PM Bug #2716: KNB Data Catalog Map does not display points
After changing regenerateSpacialCache's value to true in, the tomcat restarted. It took about 30 m... Jing Tao
01:42 PM Bug #2732 (Resolved): Data Catalog Map is slow when selecting
The selection of the data packages using the KNB Data Catalog map is too slow. Data Sets can take anywhere from less ... Callie Bowdish


11:35 AM Bug #2716 (Resolved): KNB Data Catalog Map does not display points
Metacat data bounds is not working working for the KNB Data Catalog Map. ... Callie Bowdish

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