From 04/02/2007 to 05/01/2007


10:50 AM Bug #1984: add support for LSID identifiers
Update on status: LSID support has been partially implemented. Use 'ant deploy-lsid' after building and installing m... Matt Jones


09:53 AM Bug #2769: XPath Returnfields
XPath syntax has been extended to allow predicates with the following limitations:
* if using a comparison, xpath ex...
David Sledge
05:22 PM Revision 3250 (metacat): Fixed bug that if Writer object is null, code will generate null exception
Jing Tao


04:03 PM Bug #2832 (Resolved): Online Data Table display is awkward
Data Table and attribute information when displayed online has problems when there are greater than 10 columns and wh... Callie Bowdish
02:38 PM Revision 3249 (metacat): This update includes tech support emails for LTER and UCNRS.


03:05 PM Bug #2831 (Resolved): " displays instead of quot symbol
Before a data package is uploaded to metacat the quote symbol looks like it should ("). I entered the quotes directly... Callie Bowdish
11:36 AM Bug #2807: Data Set Upload for SAEON
I'm sticking as closely as possible to prior work (as in KNB, NCEAS, Dev skins), but the existing forms are focused o... Chris Barteau


04:10 PM Bug #2818: access_log bypassed by replication
Currently, access loging system are called in MetacatServlet class. But replication is happened in MetacatReplication... Jing Tao
04:10 PM Bug #2557: Metacat Performace: Rewrite the xml_access part of the query
The query part for search if the owner is public is omitted.
In extend query which will search return fields, it had...
Jing Tao
11:15 PM Bug #2826: add ability for search engines to index metacat documents
Finished task (3) by adding the EML dataset title to the HTML title in the document head. EML documents will now dis... Matt Jones


03:45 PM Revision 3248 (metacat): Remove the access query for return field since we remove the partial tree access control in eml.
Jing Tao


04:03 PM Revision 3247 (metacat): removed a bunch of commented out code
03:55 PM Revision 3246 (metacat): got a better version of paging working. still needs to be cleaned up and debugged more.
11:31 AM Revision 3245 (metacat): Fix bug that if there is a search value is different to others, the query wouold work.
Jing Tao
02:33 AM Bug #2826: add ability for search engines to index metacat documents
Added a new class called Sitemap that is used to generate a series of XML documents representing the URLs of metacat ... Matt Jones
02:26 AM Revision 3244 (metacat): Added a new class called Sitemap that is used to generate a series of XML documents representing the URLs of metacat documents following the sitemap protocol. The Sitemap class extends TimerTask so that it can be scheduled to run once a day or so. New configuration options were added to to control where the sitemaps are written and hw often they are updated. By default we do it once a day, as more often is overkill for search engines.
Included a JUnit unit test to test the Sitemap generation functionality.
Included changes to MetaCatServlet to sched...
Matt Jones
02:19 AM Revision 3243 (metacat): Added servlet mapping that allows PATHINFO to be passed to the metacat servlet for use in URL handling for READ action.
Matt Jones


03:58 PM Revision 3242 (metacat): transfer to value to upper case.
Jing Tao
03:40 PM Bug #2826 (Resolved): add ability for search engines to index metacat documents
Need to enable search engines to index metacat contents. This involves (1) making download URLs for each XML documen... Matt Jones
03:36 PM Revision 3241 (metacat): Added new feature to allow metacat documents to be retrieved from a URL that does not use the query url syntax, instead embedding the docid and qformat in the url path, as in this example:
This format allows clients to read documents without entering a query ...
Matt Jones
03:25 PM Revision 3240 (metacat): Decreased the debug message priority to 'debug' level for messages when reading an XML document.
Matt Jones
02:22 PM Revision 3239 (metacat): Fixed bug that modified query wasn't add.
Jing Tao
05:32 PM Revision 3238 (metacat): Add some new constance
Jing Tao
05:32 PM Revision 3237 (metacat): Add method to handle union operator.
Jing Tao


02:51 PM Revision 3236 (metacat): Added predicates to return paths.
10:27 AM Revision 3235 (metacat): Limited use of predicates in XPath return fields


11:49 AM Revision 3234 (metacat): Add event log for timed replication.
Jing Tao
11:49 AM Revision 3233 (metacat): Add even log in replication.
Jing Tao
11:48 AM Revision 3232 (metacat): Use a log.dir variable to replace tmp dir in replication log file.
Jing Tao
11:45 AM Revision 3231 (metacat): Add new variable for replication log directory.
Jing Tao
06:34 PM Revision 3230 (metacat): Somehow the change went to the head rather than branch. So i rollback the change in head.
Jing Tao
06:13 PM Revision 3229 (metacat): This commit is for branch. In this commit the correct ip and user name will be stored in access_log table in replication event. However, it only for Forcereplication. And the test isn't completed yet. This commit is only for future use.
Jing Tao
06:01 PM Bug #2155: Metacat Performace: Rewrite the xml_nodes queries
A readable format of metacat original query with INTERSECT operator. Jing Tao


11:44 AM Bug #2818 (Closed): access_log bypassed by replication
Matt just check the access_log talbe in knb metacat and found there are only 397 insert/update/delete action from 200... Jing Tao
10:23 AM Revision 3227 (metacat): checking in timing print statments
05:41 PM Revision 3226 (metacat): Add a new method to print out more effecient query.
Jing Tao


04:41 PM Bug #2155: Metacat Performace: Rewrite the xml_nodes queries
Hi, matt:
The query modification looks good for "UNION" operator in Query Group. Do you have any idea if the operato...
Jing Tao


04:32 PM Revision 3225 (metacat): Add new data structure and method to handle query terms which have same search value.
Jing Tao
04:31 PM Revision 3224 (metacat): Add a new method to compare the query terms to see if they have same search value.
Jing Tao


02:07 PM Bug #2155: Metacat Performace: Rewrite the xml_nodes queries
It took about 39 seconds to run above query in knb database and got 982 rows.
If run the union query:
SELECT docid,do...
Jing Tao
12:30 PM Bug #2813: One Data Set Citation project id does not match with correct project id
The citation just displays the packageId that is listed in the EML metadata. Currently it is recommended that this p... Matt Jones
11:49 AM Bug #2813 (Closed): One Data Set Citation project id does not match with correct project id
This is the only data set I've noticed this happening with but I think it is worth noting. Perhaps just this individu... Callie Bowdish


09:14 AM Bug #2155: Metacat Performace: Rewrite the xml_nodes queries
We were aware of this before. But still, the special case where the same query term is being searched is the ...
Matt Jones


04:04 PM Bug #2155: Metacat Performace: Rewrite the xml_nodes queries
Now I found a problem in query modification.
If path query looks like:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<pathquery version="1.0"...
Jing Tao
05:28 PM Revision 3223 (metacat): Get rid of user_owner=public part in access query.
Jing Tao


01:23 PM Bug #129: Metacat Performance: paged Query Returns
Metacat now does paged query returns. It also caches the last query with the user's session so that it does not need... Chad Berkley
01:17 PM Revision 3222 (metacat): reformatted a bit and removed unneeded code
01:10 PM Revision 3221 (metacat): paging now works well. sped up the caching by using SAX instead of DOM parsing. it seems fast. need some other people to test for me though. the two params needed are 'pagesize' and 'pagestart'. I haven't updated any of the web interfaces to use this, so if you want to try it, you'll have to type in the url the old fashioned way


04:38 PM Revision 3220 (metacat): Add a new overload method - createResultDocument and add a new check for null.
Jing Tao
03:23 PM Revision 3219 (metacat): got paging working. metacat also now caches resultsets for users' sessions. the paging is a bit slow, due to some xpath statements. i need to get this optimized now.

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