From 05/16/2007 to 06/14/2007


12:20 PM Bug #2873: tomcat versions and java standard tag library (jstl)
Currently has JSTL 1.0 which is used by GeoServer. Should just be a matter of replacing the jar with the latest vers... Chris Barteau
10:37 AM Bug #2873 (Resolved): tomcat versions and java standard tag library (jstl)
SBCLTER has a jsp application which uses jstl. The version of jstl needed depends on the tomcat and servlet versions.... Margaret O'Brien


09:29 PM Revision 3298 (metacat): A path query from kepler
Jing Tao


08:26 PM Revision 3297 (metacat): A sql to increase column size of queryresult_string in xml_queryresult table.
Jing Tao


03:28 PM Revision 3296 (metacat): Replacing mutiple mkdir command by "mkdir -p".
Jing Tao


05:35 PM Revision 3295 (metacat): Make the variables easilier edtible
Jing Tao
05:30 PM Revision 3294 (metacat): New text file to store a number how many time we want to query metacat.
Jing Tao
05:26 PM Revision 3293 (metacat): New script which will reboot the system after query. So this will keep memory usuage same.
Jing Tao
11:56 AM Revision 3292 (metacat): Fixed bug that docid has no seperator in email.
Jing Tao


03:11 PM Revision 3291 (metacat): Remove the rule that the access allow rule should equals three.
Jing Tao


04:29 PM Bug #1232: cookie needs to be written after knb page login
On re-thinking my solution, the main idea is to have the entire page using the same session, so taking the iframe out... Chris Barteau
03:41 PM Bug #1232: cookie needs to be written after knb page login
I believe that I found the cause, in regards to the last comment. Some of the page (i.e. the login iframe) uses an i... Chris Barteau


03:34 PM Revision 3290 (metacat): Added presentation slides on Identifiers for DevLunch. The issues outlined here are relevant to implementation of LSIDs etc in Metacat.
Matt Jones


09:35 AM Bug #2849 (New): Bounding box problems when spanning the meridian
Bounding box problems when large areas span the meridian. Please see this reference Callie Bowdish


05:34 PM Revision 3289 (metacat): Modified method "doMetadataUpload". Improved file type parsing. Also changed call to "upload", to send Integer.MAX_VALUE as the file size,
since file size is not available until read (i.e. "Content-Length", which is available, isn't the same as the individ... barteau
04:28 PM Bug #2841: ESA Registry edit feature does not work with submitted data sets
The reason why user couldn't edit the submitted document is in the cgi script, there is a rule that the access allow ... Jing Tao
09:48 AM Revision 3288 (metacat): Code design document of the login process, as done in the KNB skin.


06:35 PM Revision 3287 (metacat): Change a log level. Sometime it confuses people.
Jing Tao
11:01 AM Bug #2847 (Resolved): returnfields need full xpath support
the current implementation of xpath used in metacat for the purpose of returning specific fields of an xml document w... Chad Berkley
09:40 AM Revision 3286 (metacat): changed web site to use new documentation paths. this break a lot of stuff because metacat won't return the subelements of an xpath query. this will have to be fixed through metacat


09:20 AM Bug #2841: ESA Registry edit feature does not work with submitted data sets
Here is another problem area. For some unknown reason I had one success with using the Moderator account to give acce... Callie Bowdish

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